Worries? Problems? Anger? Guilt? or anything in between? Let us solve it here together !! Sharing thoughts is not a bad idea.. in fact it can help us feel better..

Black Night or kuro yoru ( 黒夜 ) in japanese.. yoru for my name and kuro for black. Anyway.. This is my first world.. I am not that skillful in this kind of stuff, all I wanted is to make a world that can benefit you, me, and everyone !! So I have decided to make MY world, OUR world. I'm not good at almost everything and almost failed to do anything good.. but once I decided something I will do my very best. You can guarantee that I'll give off 100% effort !!

In This world, We can all say bye to our worries. hmm.. Not clear enough? In that case let me explain in details.. kuro yoru or black world is a world that gives helping hands to those who needs. All you have to do is to trust and to open up, and I or even other visitors will help. If you need anything you can just ask here and I'll do my best to give you comfort and answers to your questions as well.. But if you have personal things rumbling around your mind and is shy about opening it up here, you can also PM me(howayoru).. ^.^ but solving it here with everyone's help is a little fun and you can have more than my suggestions, anyway.. Its up to you..

How does it work?
Here's how:

  • -For questions, problems, or anything to share. You can just post it.
  • -Not a guest poster? no problem! just PM me and I'll make you one.
  • -For your answers, suggestions and comments. It must be posted as a comment to the guest post.


  • -Don't make fun of others.
  • -Learn to keep secrets.
  • -comfort/help each other.
  • -most of all, have FUN !!!

"A wonderful night is the secret
of a beautiful morning.."

Have a wonderful night..



hey guys i got a question.... wat would ya do if two guys or girls liked ya & ya didn't know wat to say or write them?

Please & thanks for the adivce.
Sara Elizabeth Jones


Hi all i know that i haven't been around much but i like ya all as friends.
So you all can comment in my worlds if ya wish.
Hi yoru.

Cosplay Suggestions~

Good day, Minna-sama!

Me and my friends are gonna group cosplay.. but we are having trouble of choosing which anime to cosplay.. uh, I was just wondering if I could ask for your suggestions.. >///<

Here are some of my suggestions..

  • Pandora Hearts
  • Kuroshitsuji

Thank you very much! *bows*

have a wonderful night..

Anyone knows Pandora Hearts?

Pandora Hearts is really a good anime~ BUT just like other anime, the ending sucks! It keeps us hanging and keeps our questions unanswered...

I just want to ask anyone about it... >.<

Is the manga and the anime the same?
Is the manga more detailed?
Is there a season 2 for the anime? or an OVA that would help explain the story more?
Do you guys know what Glen Baskerville looks like and other than being good friends with Jack, just who the hell is he?
Whose tombstone was the one with the pocket watch??

Can someone explain more about Alice B.Rabbit and Alice Will of the abyss...

arggh... >///< I even expect so much from the anime! And all I'm left is this..
sigh, would someone be kind enough to share what they know about Pandora Hearts..

Hoping for anyone's response..

Have a wonderful night..


Hey guys, yoru's here~ Sorry for being gone for such a loooong time, I was busy and I will be a lot busier in the future, so while I'm still free, I'm gonna hang around here for a while.. ^^

I'm really glad that there are still some people who remembers me... ^///^ thank you very much... you don't know how much it made me happy...

Please continue being friends with me.. >///<

Have a wonderful night..