~Ello Again Otaku, Long Time, No See~

~So ello again Otaku, I use to be an artist on here back many a years ago :3 A.K.A. Crimson Zombie. In these past few years I have grown into a more refined artist and person due to many ups and downs in my life. I wanted to come back here on the Otaku because this is the place where many friends, connections, and memories were made. I do not do re-drawn fanart any longer; I am solely stuck on originals and I love to critique and encourage artists who show that considering what kind of artist I use to be. There is no satisfaction later on, in an artist's life, that re-drawn fanarts can give you. I am in my senior semester of college and it will be challenging to say the least, so you might not see a ton of activity in the artwork department. I promise I will try to offer to my fellow artist community, crits and comments, along with maybe some minor deeds like quizzes or e-cards. I hope to make a come back here in many ways including friends ^^ So pls feel free to add me, comment me, whatever you like.

~Just a fair warning, I am a....

J A P A N - O - P H I L E
A S I A N - D R A M A - A D D I C T
V I D E O G A M E - N E R D
A N I M E - F I E N D
D R E A M E R~

I leave you with Shinee's awesome video :D ... wish I was a dancing ninja~