Hello everyone here is my little post i willbe posting more soon!


Can you believe it not too long ago i bought ffx and now at i am end of the game. I appologize for sudden departure but i am back finally!!


Funny thing is i ffxii for a while now and i still have not beat because i have been so busy goin on side quest, findin hidden espers i have 12 already, and i have been finishing my hunts i have 3 more to go...


Sorry i have been gone for so long and i know my old posts are getting borring to read but i have been really...really...busy at camp all summer. so i hardly had a good chance to get on here. i learned at my camp it was called Camp Hollywood we had to learn how to make movies and stuff. And i finally learned about a lot about myself...


sorry i did not post anything lately im busyi was at camp mostly all last week and i have three days left!

Just Another Post

This is just another post i guess, for all who have been reading my post thank u and if u have any idea of what i can post. i would be happy to take suggestions.