Ohayoo Minaii ,irachaii to my world which I created for the principal reason of wrting...I love composing poemes and lyrics ..It let`s me fly and breath.. well blah blah blah enogth talking just tell me what you think....

Full Moon Love

Lets kiss under the full moon
Promiss me we will be metting soon
Lets feel that full moon tendress
Lets clear our hearts with that full moon brithness
Stay with me forever
Lets fly together
Under that full moon light
Our love will brighten forever this night

just INAccessible

TOUT juste Inaccessible
I try to touch you but I never get to you
You seem so farfrom even if you`r near
you `re just here but it`s just like you will disappear
I `m scared of losing you
I just want to hold you
I try to kiss you but I can`t reach you
I can feel your soul crying
Druncht in your pain
I`m drown in your tears
I can`t help but feeling you
Tring to console you by whishpering
I love you


I thought we were just hanging out
So why didn`t we found out
How we were playing around
Why were we super quiet
It was really something that night
When you stared at me with your charming eyes
I couldn`t help but looking at you
Just beiing super quiet
Just hearing the sound of the bicycle
rolling on the street
You just turned your head
Continuing biing quiet
I couldn`t stand your charming sight
So I stopped that bicycle just to pick a fight
But you did`nt responde
You just approched me
And kissed me
That soft,lovely kiss
Made me full of kidness
And we continued our way
on that bicycle