Hey hey, I'm Kastom.

I don't like talking about myself, so, uh...yeah. lol. I'm a major gamer, I read a lot of books (physics, math, philosophy, fantasy), watch and read some anime, and spend the rest of my time being annoyed at gravity for restricting me to being able to do only one front flip at a time.

I've posted a few of the articles/essays I've written, so if you're ever interested in reading anything that I have thought about or researched, check out my articles world, Kastom's Thoughts.

And the essentials:

Kastom's Bio:

Birth date: September 10, 1989
Sex: Male
Real Name: Tomas (Tom)
Living: Ontario, Canada
Occupation: University of Waterloo Undergraduate Physics Major

And I leave you with a quote from Adam which sums me up well:
"Kastom is very smart and wise, but sometimes he acts like a n00blet..."

Hey hey

Heading off to the Czech Republic from the 20th to the 30th.

Agarest Follow Up

Hey hey,

After reading some more about the game, it seems it's not, in fact, as bad as it at first seemed. Apparently the censored parts I was seeing actually had towels, etc., so it's just echi (sp?) now, not hentai. :p I guess I didn't look too hard, but you can't blame me. Here I was at work, watching a preview for a game when suddenly a mostly naked anime woman comes onto the screen with censors over her. I panicked and ran (from the site). *laughs*

So with this knowledge I now feel that this game will actually end up being just a more or less joke. Like, there still will be serious stuff in it I assume, but the relationships thing is going to be more humorous and suggestive than actually a more mature real story.

Which is still fine by me, I find that stuff hilarious (I was an a VERY immature kid in high school, and it's still latently there in me, so I still find immaturity like that amusing). But now I'm all down because I thought it was going to be a more mature story, not a joking immature one.

Ah well...

But I still am not going to get the goddamn breast-mousepad-special-edition (unless I have to, I can't find a normal version anywhere for the 360). As amusing as I find it, I DO actually like to be more mature IRL. :p

Anyways, yeah.

On the last week of co-op (8D!),

- Kastom

EDIT: And also, the more that I think about it, the more I realize that while the game looks quite good, I am still not sure enough about it to spend the $60-$70 on it. Especially considering I'm going to be at Uni for the next four months, and therefore will have no time to play it (since most free time will probably be eaten up by Halo and/or having a life). I'll probably just do what is my usual now for games and wait until I can find it cheap somewhere in like a year. I'm in no rush.


Unending Rant: Maturity Does Not Equal Porn

Hey hey,

So I'm checking out IGN on my usual Internet rounds, and see a preview for this game called "Record of Agarest War" for the 360. I watch the gameplay trailer there, and I'm like, "Oh wow, this looks like some kind of weird Fire Emblem offshoot. Sweet!"

Except apparently there's also a fair of amount of almost henati-like stuff, because there's a dating sim combined with it. So now I'm like ":/"

Basically, I LIKE the idea that the game is trying to do with it. And that is that your character can have a kid, and then THAT kid becomes the main character. That's a really interesting game mechanic. It adds a ton of depth with generations of characters and a changing world over time, and the idea of actually having the characters have relationships is always a fun thing IMO.

And I like the idea of a more realistic game just in terms of maturity. People have sex. It's a fact of life. I've always been annoyed when games sacrifice reality for lower maturity. It annoys me to no end when I'm playing a game, and a guy gets slashed by a sword or something, and there's no blood. I'm sorry, but that just destroys the illusion of the game for me. Same thing with sex.

Gah, I'm all over the place right now. Ok, let me put it in a different way.

My favourite book series ever, The Malazan Book of the Fallen, is the most realistic fantasy I've ever read. People die (even main characters, and actually quite a few, no one is safe). Rather badly too (i.e. very graphically sometimes). People have sex (and there are not just male-female relationships). These things are part of why I like it so much. It's realistic. It's not like I'm reading it FOR descriptive sex scenes or something, and it does generally gloss over the details, and doesn't describe TOO much, but it doesn't try to ignore it like so many other books do. Basically, I just find it much more mature, and much more realistic. People bleed/get arms chopped off, and people have sex. Deal with it.

So back to the game. This idea of actually having your characters have kids and stuff sounds interesting. But from the gameplay trailer I watched on the game's main NA site, I see that for some goddamn reason, they decided that if there's going to be sex in the game, why not make it something that people can then whack off to? I have no idea just how detailed they're going to be going into, but in the short trailer, there were definitely some hentai-like censored scenes of the main females characters.

This has now made me annoyed. Why couldn't they just do something like what Mass Effect did? Show that the characters ARE having sex etc., but don't fucking make it porn. ME showed a bit of ass and some side boob, and that was it. If I wanted to play some hentai game, I'll go get one. I'm here to play a strategy RPG that includes relationships, generational characters, and a lot of different character-based story-paths.

And it makes it even worse that the special edition comes with a boob-mousepad, a companion pillow, and a soundtrack who's cover includes a female character bending over suggestively. *rolls eyes*

So now I'm very torn. On the one hand, here's a game who's gameplay looks fun and overall good, and has several interesting features that I've never seen in a game. But most importantly, could overall have a more mature story which is something I would really like (rather than People-Don't-Bleed-and-Children-Magically-Come-From-Magic-Adventure-Quest-Fantasy-23/Eternal Sonata/Blue Dragon/almost every RPG ever).

And on the other hand I'll never be able to play this game out in the open without being condemned as a pervert by my roommates because apparently the only people that are supposed to play this are those that live alone and want to play Hentai Sex Adventure ($10 $100 says that that's an actual game) at the same time as Fire Emblem.



- Kastom

For those of you asking about Scott Pilgrim

Here's the main site of the graphic novels, and there are a few pages of previews for each volume. That's the best legal thing I can think of lol. XP

Well, other than just going out into the real world and seeing them in a book store.


Has definitely watched the trailer a double-digit number of times,

- Kastom

P.S. Page 20 of Volume 4 is one of my favourite in the entire series XDDD
P.P.S. Out of the previews there, Volume three shows well the amazing, amazing blend of unrealisticness and normal life.
P.P.P.S. The reason Scott says "Sort of. Almost. No." in the page 20 of volume 4 references the beginning of that volume, which is another one of my favourite times in the series. The group are all at the beach, and Scott and Ramona are in their bathing suits, holding each other as they stand on the beach. Then:

Scott: Ramona I...
Ramona: Shhh...Don't you wish this moment could last forever? :)
Scott: Ramona, I luh... o///o
Ramona: Shhhhhhh :)
Scott: Luh... o///o
Ramona: Shhh :)
Scott: ...L-let's make out? o///o
Ramona: Show me how! 8D
*cuts to the Sonic (yes, the video game character) title screen thingy with the ring and wings, but instead of Sonic, it's Scott and Ramona about to kiss*

*definitely just wrote that from memory*




In the like, 10 seconds after watching it, here are my initial thoughts:

Cera definitely does not seem to be Scott. He doesn't show the loudness that is Scott's idiocy. So that's :(

I'm feeling a lot better about the girl playing Ramona (the girl with the coloured hair and stuff). She seems like she could definitely end up being a good Ramona.


AND the insanity seems to be done rather well! Though it could end up being just terribly corny and bad. :( But so far it looks ok!

The other characters all look rather good IMO.

And now I need to go rewatch the preview 1500000 times kthnx

Has never used the phrase "kthnx" before,

- Kastom