Hi. My name is Michiko. This is my journal.

Here's a little about me:


  • Name: Michiko
  • Last Name: Isoya
  • Birhday: September 11
  • Favorite Color: Green
  • Favorite Number: 5?
  • What I look like:

Relationships (what I say)-

  • Haruno, Sakura: friends enemies
  • Yamanaka, Ino: best friends
  • Tenten: friends
  • Hyuga, Hinata: friends? (don't really talk to her)
  • Inuzuka, Kiba: friends/enemies
  • Aburame, Shino: enemies
  • Akimichi, Choji: friends? (don't really talk to him)
  • Nara, Shikamaru: friends
  • Hyuga, Neji: friends enemies
  • Rock Lee: friends
  • Uchiha, Sasuke: friends enemies
  • Uzumaki, Naruto: best friends
  • Kakashi Sensei: don't really talk to him
  • Asuma Sensei: friends
  • Kurenai Sensei: don't really talk to her
  • Guy Sensei: friends

Have any questions? Just ask me through pm.

A poem

Is It Happening Again?
By: Kristen Ducatte

The first time it happened,
I knew it was great.
But something inside
turned beautiful love into hate.

After being hurt,
too many a time,
I started realizing,
my heart wasn't his. my heart was mine.

I let go of the
greatest thing I ever knew.
without knowing why,
not even a clue.

But the more I think of it,
I realize now.
I had to be my own person,
I no longer knew how.

I'd became a part of him,
became a part of his soul.
All things come to an end,
even love has a toll.

But I swore that I would
never do that again.
My mind told me no,
but my heart had to win.

My first love caused
too much pain to bear.
So why am I in love again??
Life is never fair.

You've changed me for the better,
you've opened me up.
Taken me out of my shell,
with your sweet gentle touch.

But this love too,
I know it will end.
But I know enough now
to make sure you're my friend.

See love of the heart,
is a very confusing thing.
it can't be represented
by a bracelet or ring.

But a friend's love is
something that will never change,
no matter how high it goes,
or how far the range.

So all I know is to
warn you of this,
nothing is as painful
as a lover's dead kiss.

I got tagged...again...

Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5,5
Favorite Color: Green, Orange, and Purple
Screen Name: michikoisoya
Favorite Show: Naruto!
Your Car: Jeep
Your Hometown: Konoha
Your Present Town: Konoha
Your First Crush's Name: Josh
Your Grade: I already graduated from the Academy

Sat on your rooftop? Nope
Kissed someone in the rain? Nope
Danced in a public place? ...Not at all
Smiled for no reason? Sure!
Laughed so hard you cried? Yes!
Peed your pants after age 8? Nope
Written a song? Yep
Sang to someone for no reason? Nope
Performed on a stage? Preformed in a play once or twice
Talked to someone you don't know? Nope
Gone out of your way to befriend someone? ...Maybe
Made out in a theater? Gross!
Been in love? Yep

Say HI to you? my sister
Tell you, I love you? my mom
Kiss you? ...
Hug you? my little brother
Tell you BYE? Sakakibara, Akito
Write you a note? Ino
Take your photo? my little brother
Buy you something? Me
Write a poem about you? Don't remember
Touch you? Matokai, Yakamochi (he bumped into me)

Time you cried? At the last movie I saw (it was 2 weeks ago)
Time you laughed? 2 hours ago
Song you've sang? Blue (Da Ba Dee)
Time you've looked at the clock? A couple of seconds ago
Drink you've had? Flavored Water
Book you've read? Goosebumps
Food you've eaten? Ramen!!
Shoes you've worn? Boots
Store you've been in? Fabrics Unite
Thing you've said? Lots and lots of things

Write with both hands? Nope
Whistle? Nope
Roll your tongue in a circle? Yepp
Cross your eyes? Nope
Touch your tongue to your nose? Nope
Dance? In the last play I was in
Stay up a whole night without sleep? Yep
Speak a different language? Yep
Impersonate someone? Yep
Make a card pyramid? I tried to
Cook anything? Mini Tacos

If I were.. a cat, I would meow a lot.
I wish.. I could be a detective.
So many people don't know that.. I made up a whole other world in my head (now you know).
I am.. Isoya, Michiko!

My Sensei

This is my sensei Togo, Heihachiro. He is serious and calm.

Togo, Heihachiro

Other Teammate

This is my other teammate, Akito. He is quiet and likes to do his own thing.

Sakakibara, Akito


This is one of my teammates, Yakamochi. He's very laid-back and cooperative with our sensei.

Matokai, Yakamochi