Lets see...My name is JohnPhillip but everyone calls me JP or Japes. I just recently turned 18 and I am a high school senior. not much to say about myself, but I will say that I LOVE ANIME!!!! OTAKUS LIVE ON!!!!

So basically this world is like a journal of the times i get on theO and updates on anything otaku related...so a little bit more about myself..

Fears: heights ^^"
Personality: Go with the flow ^^
Dislikes: Idk...
Motto in Life: "Treat everyone equally" and "Aim for Perfection"

TheOtaku Chatboard

Well its been a while but ama sit in that chatroom for the whole day....Cuz its my free day xDDD, so lets see who is actually active here ^^.. Ive noticed the problem here, nobody sticks around to wait thats why everyone that enters almost immediately leaves.. that in mind im kinda helping in reviving this place.. So Ill be waiting for yall ^^

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Jp in America :3

Totally forgot to mention that I am now in America xDDDD Thank you Teapartyprincess for teaching me the ropes of this country, hugs and kisses to you xD... Honestly I really love this place, my first time in a walmart and i got lost xDDD frgging awesome xD 99cent stores.....SAIPAN NEEDS THAT STORE BIG TIME!!!!!!! But one thing that keeps mahh nerves rackin is the size of this place....i miss them beaches ;-;, but change is essential for a person v_v. Tho i cant wait for the summer, it appears my Aunt will be taking me to Comicon in California xDDD I AM READY FOR THAT, my first time too ^~^, Anyways that aside, from today on i shall be posting up Anime's that i have watched once again, i mean this is what this world is supposed to be about xD

The anime that I am currently watching is titled "The Irregular at Magic High School" Im only on episode 16 but it is very interesting I recommend it to the peeps that love supernatural and harem romance...not really harem and romance, but you catch my drift xDDD, I will be posting up when i have finished the Anime, Be lookin forward to that ^^

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Pokemon Gold Violet city instrumental

To all my peeps that grew up playing pokemon gold or silver, this is sure to bring back nostalgia ^^.. Pres play, sit back, and enjoy ^^


YOYOYOYOYO!!!!! im gonna be active from now on I EXPECT EVERYONE TO BE AS WELL!!!!! So where my main peeps?? Im in the chatroom and it is TRAGICALLY DEAD!!!! WHY?!?!?! Japesters have returned and i expect everyone to make their "Dramatic Return" *Throws confetti in the air* HAAAAAAAA!!!!! LET US TAKE TO THEOTAKU WITH OTAKU FORCE!!!!!

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A visit back

Let's see I came back and I was like "oh, let's check the chatroom" I entered and there was a newbie in (I shall not say names lest he be teased) and the first thing I see is an actions saying " Jumps in front of a moving car".....-_-...I was like dude Wtf is wrong with u and he was like oh a girl is supposed to enter at this time thats how anime goes....Wtf is happening to theO -_-...Anyways I was like dude distinguish the difference between reality and imagination..Idk :/ it kinda pissed me off I actually told him to get his shit together and THEO IS NOT A DAMNED DATING SITE, GET THAT IN UR DAM HEAD!!!!!! Only God knows what would've happened if a certain someone was there other than me *cough* Tea *cough* xDDD..Anyways , I just came back for a little visit and that just threw me off, I logged out right after. Two, exactly what girl would fall for u if the only thing in you head is "Oh I'm gonna kill myself so she can save me and then we will have a good relationship"?!?!?!?! Cmon people, I mean NEWBIES!!!! GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!!!!! Other than that, I'm finally leaving my island next month ^~^, I will be living with my Aunt in Las Vegas ^~^...too bad I ain't 21 :/. Let's see, shout outs to my main peeps don't worry I didn't forget you ^^

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