Gender:Female(Even though I act like a guy)
Location:Arizona.Its going to be hot as hell this year.
Hobbies:Drawing,being athletic,hanging out with buddies.

Ello! This might take a little bit to get used to,but I think I will Ok,well I pretty much no nothing about layouts or codes or anything sophisticated.BIG WORD!!!xD lol

I am a person who will listen to anyones problem.I put my friends before my self and I am very quite and shy.But not on here ^^" I am open for any conversations you guys have and if you have a problem or just need some advice,come and pm me.

The rules of my site are...
1.Don't be bitch or I will be a bitch right back at cha.
2.Please no chain letters.
3.Do not steel stuff from other people.
4.Have a good time


*cries* He....broke up with me. We dont go to the same school and or live near eachother but we saw eachother once a week. He was so miserable at school with having all the people be with the person they love but he couldn't. After almost 10 1/2 months, he broke up with me. He still loves me and I still love him no matter what. He said once we are able to see eachother again, we can be a couple again. Hopefully, once I get my car fixed, Im driving down there and seeing him. I dont care how much it costs me, I will do that for him. He didn't want to do it but the loneliness hurt him so much. He was more upset than I was. I will wait for him if he can wait for me.
Ive never been heartbroken before. It hurts so much.
I wanted to cut myself, but I cant cause I promised him I wouldn't.
Thanks for listening.

Valentine's Day

Wow this year was my first year I have ever had a boyfriend on v-day ^3^ But Mac is the sweetest and I absolutly love him!
But what I got him was the first book of Soul Eater, a small box of Godiva chocolate, and my friend JJ helped me decorate a pringles can which I put 25 reasons why I love him in there... I found the idea on google and I thought it was a cute idea ^^
So I went over to his house for v-day and when I walked in his room there was a cute dog plushie, a box of chocolates, and then he told me to lie down on his bed (nothing sexual) and he laided on top of me and pulled out a little box. He opened it and it was a beautiful 10k blue topaz dragonfly necklace (birthstone)
I thought it was the sweetest thing that anyone has ever given me! Sorry about me going on and on but I really want to tell people ^^"
Well thanks for reading and hope you all had a good V-day!

See ya!



I have never fainted until today...
Well I took a really hot bath, and when I took my hand out of the water, it was steaming. After about 30 minutes I decided to stand up. Not the best idea. Then, I got the big head rush, which I get a lot if I stand up quickly.
But it got worse. I couldn't see anything but different color blobs and my hearing was slowly going away. I had found my way into the shower and turned on the water.
I was so dizzy that I fell down in the corner of my shower and I just laid there for a couple seconds.
When I woke up, I could see a little bit and my hearing was coming back. After a little bit of waiting, I got up again. I put on a towel on let my hair down. I took a step and it happened again. Next thing I new I was on the floor. I got back up and I was so scared.
I called my boyfriend to tell him, I couldn't tell me parents.
So I was crying to him and explaining what happened.
I was just dehidrated and my blood pressure was really low but I know now that Im not gonna take a boiling hot bath anymore... >.<


Hellur everyone!! Damn I suck at keeping people posted...if anyone cares ^^"
But instead of cosplaying as Nnoitra... I have desided to cosplay as Italy from Hetalia axis powers. I have already gots the wig and I made the italian flag that says 'pasta' on it :D I cant wait till my full costume comes x3
Here is what Italy looks like if you don't know

Saboten con!

ZOMG THAT WAS THE BEST 2 DAYS EVER!!!!!!!! I went to saboten con in Arizona (cause thats where I live) xD And I cosplayed as L both days... cause I poor ^^"
But I got a lot of pictures taken of me and Mac (he was Light) and we got to do YAOI!!!!!!!! And me and my friend Catlin(she was Yachiru) and we did the Lucky star dance and a couple people filmed it. So I might be on youtube, keep a look out ^^
It was just so amazingly fun!!! I usually only see him once a week, cause we go to different schools, but I felt so happy that I could see him two days in a row x3 We did.....some stuff but not much....eheeheheh.
Oh! And I need your guy's opinion on a cosplay I was thinking about doing....His is name is Nnoitora Jiguya and he is #5 in the Espada. I would love to make his sword! Tell me what you guys think ^^