Welcome to [insert whatever the current world name I like is here] :p Now that we got that out of the way... My name is Crystia and I'm a College Student & Woman's Crisis Center Volunteer. I'm currently working on getting a Ph.D. [yes I didn't say what, there's a reason for that and no I most likely won't answer if asked] Anyway, my intention is to continue as a therapist and work with victims of domestic violence and with couples for marriage counseling. One word of advice upon entering here, this is my personal retreat. I do not offer any form of online services in my chosen field so please don't ask.

For those of you who don't know me; I'm a Senior Moderator over at OtakuBoards I joined here back in 2005, starting with the first blogging site myOtaku and then migrating over to OtakuBoards shortly after that. I tend to spend most of my time at OtakuBoards but I do like to come here mainly for friends and blogging occasionally. But in truth, I'm rarely here. Though who knows? Perhaps with the new version I just might stick around more often, other than checking up on friends that is. Heh.

Anyway, feel free to drop me a line if you want to say hello. Just keep in mind that as a college student, it might take me a day or two to get back to you. As much as a week even since sometimes I only sign in on the weekends, it just depends on how busy I am. If you want a more immediate response, then pm me over at OtakuBoards as I always log in over there every day. User name: Indi. :p See you all around - maybe.

Beating A Dead Horse

You could call this post that since I’m going to talk a bit about the fuss in regards to fan art about the site. I’m not looking to create any fights or stir any controversy. I just wanted to mention something that I think people aren&...

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Attention Whoring

We all know about what happened over in Japan, right? Just as we all know about the inevitable trolling and whining and bitching that has flooding the Internet. So instead of pretending that my motives are somehow better than the person who gave m...

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Happiness, I Has It

Here's hoping all of you had a nice Thanksgiving. We went to Nathan's parents house for the actual day. It was a lot of fun with relatives everywhere and total chaos.

After that I was gone for several days with Nathan to celebrate the fact that as of today, we've been married for a year now. Not gonna lie, I'm feeling absurdly content and happy right now. I was gonna spare you all the sappy post but as you can see, I lost and you're being subjected to it anyway. :p

That is all.

Spread the Word

This is something one can never stress enough, the importance of not giving out your personal information over the net. Many of you already know of the post put up by SunfallE, but for anyone who missed it, go and read it. It's something you do not want to miss.

Staying Safe on the Internet

You can't stop people from being sickos who will prey on the innocent, but you can do everything in your power to make sure the doors and windows are all locked so to speak.

A NAAB Moment

I've been playing D&D with Kei and others in chat. It's wicked fun for more than the game aspect. It has its crack chat moments just like any other time. Here's an example of what I'm talking about.

And for the record you're too cute Trip, seriously. <3

Kei: Did you already update your hit points?
AnimeArchAngel: Me?
Kei: Yes.
AnimeArchAngel: I only did the HP.
Kei: All right.
Allamorph: That's the hit points.
Allamorph: So the answer would be yes. =P
AnimeArchAngel: Oh, sorry D:
Allamorph: WOMAN
AnimeArchAngel: YES SIR D8
Allamorph: STAPPIT
Allamorph: NO YOU DON'T
AnimeArchAngel: YES I DONT D8
AnimeArchAngel: WTF
Indi: XD
AnimeArchAngel: HANDS
Indi: They know the truth.
Indi: You don't.
AnimeArchAngel pouts in a corner