Staying Safe on the Internet

Some of you have noticed that recently a number of accounts have been getting banned. I know that many of you are also curious as to why. So I’m going to explain and remind everyone just how important it is to not give out your personal information over the Internet.

You see I’d like to think that everyone I talk to is trustworthy, and to be fair a lot of people out there are. However, if someone PMs you and you respond only for it to quickly lead into them prying for personal information or to get you to do ‘adult’ role-playing (or other activities that you know you shouldn’t be doing), then at this point it’s best to block the member and report them to staff.

Now the member in question, who has quite a few accounts since they keep looking for ways to evade the ban, is someone who because of what they did and how they responded to it, will not be allowed back on the site. Every single account we find connected to them will be banned on the spot.

So you know who I’m talking about, here are some of the names we’ve banned:

animelove232, hopsongirl, YuriguyTyaoigirl, animelove222, thesligirl09, nighttengo, tiffinalya flames, darkangel555

There are more but these are the ones that people are most likely to actually recognize.

On the next page is a bit of a log to show you just what this member does. They PM people and if they respond they keep replying back until they manage to persuade them to engage in activities that warrant an instant ban from theOtaku.

I have not trimmed out what was going on, I want it to be crystal clear to everyone that you are dealing with someone who is knowingly preying on minors. Something that is not allowed here but is also illegal by the laws of many countries throughout the world.

The only thing I did was remove the name of the other member since they accepted their temp ban for being involved, apologized for it and have since done their best to not get involved in that kind of stuff.

~the log is on page two and the rest is on page three so be sure to not miss the last page~