Since it looks like our main homepages our gone, I'll be using this world for my incredubly long contest. :3

This contest is for a Naruto OC contest. I made this at like, 12 AM last night so I was a little out of it when it came to the name. Silly me, I put "Ami OC contest" rather than "Ami's OC contest"...stupid minor grammar.

Anywho, I'll post the important stuffz now.

This is biggest problem that I cannot stress enough.
I will not say this to you personally because I won't be a jerk to your face because I hate being a jerk. SOME entries I have gotten are...shall we be blunt...Mary-Sues. I was thrilled at getting more entries, I'm not. I'm starting to wonder if there was a POINT in making this contest. =/ I made it because I thought theO users had decent OC's...why must you crush my opinion of people? So listen carefully...

Shikamaru does not have a twin sister with a beast inside of her that is also in love with Sasuke whom deeply and affectionately returns her feelings. Alright, guys? Please, this is NOT a romance. This story is an ACTION....

To get directly to the point...

[i]Please, don't complain about mine having connections because for starters, when I made her she didn't know ANYONE. Asuna is a roleplay character, she met them along the way.[/i]

I will make a list of things you absolutely cannot do...
1. No love. You may ASK me to have your character fall for someone in the story, but don't be suprised if I turn you down. This is not your personal romance.
2. The leaf village already has a jinchuuriki. So does the sand...and the cloud...and various other villages. PICK A VILLAGE WITHOUT ONE! Rock also is taken. Please, use your brain.
3. Mary-sues will be burned. No, I'm serious. If I get another rediculous entry I'm going to just not answer you. If I don't reply in a week, then you need to remake your character.
3.5 - All entries are required to take the Naruto Mary/Gary-sue test. If you score too high, then don't bother sending it in. Don't think I won't notice either.
4. DO NOT send me a male that is already made in female form.
5. UCHIHAS ARE DEAD. ALL OF THEM EXCEPT SASUKE AND ITACHI. Sorry folks, and they don't have sisters.
6. Characters don't have extra relatives. This links back to the notice way at the beggining.
7. Don't whine if I don't accept. This is my story. I want it to be nice. I will not let it turn into more of a bad fanfic than it already is. I was considering just having it be the remaining jinchuuriki, but that isn't all that much of a battle is it?
8. Make your character INTERESTING looking, and make sure the outfit is REASONABLE.

I will edit this list as nessesary.

Simple and clean version:

The 6,7, and 8 tails have to be the original tailed beasts. ((THIS MEANS USE THE FREAKING LINK BELOW THIS PARAGRAPH TO FIND OUT WHAT THOSE BEASTS ARE. DO NOT MAKE UP SOME RANDOM CREATURE. I'M SORRY IF THERE WAS ANY CONFUSION ABOUT THIS.)) Their hosts have been introduced though, so I want you to make them into your own and give them histories, techniques, traits, etc. Their beasts HAVE been chosen though, along with their abilities. I believe you can look the 9 tailed beasts ledgends up to find information on them. [for reference about them you can visit...]

Any other number other than 1-9 is open for beasts. They don't even have to be tailed really. It'd probably be better if they WEREN'T. Like I said you could use a pheonix.

Akatsuki is wicked simple. I over detailed it. Just make-up an Akatsuki. If they don't get the two top spots they'll just become subordinates. If they don't get one of the 9 subordinate spots then basically you didn't win.

Detailed version:
Ami is making another comic.
It needs a LOT of characters though. Dx
And i am lazy.

Which is where the contest comes in. The story basis is a Naruto fic. So, I'm hoping it won't be that hard to get characters. Here's your biggest problem. I will NOT be allowing Mary-Sue's in. Whether someone is a Mary-Sue is my decision is mine not yours. I just don't want someone with three kekki-genkai's and a fourteentailed badger demon. I mean, COM'ON PEOPLE. In opposition to what I would usually say, you CAN have demons outside of the 9 tailed beasts. Why? [even though it makes me want to shoot myself...] because like I said. I need a freakin ARMY of characters. Literally. I'm making a war fic. Oh, last minute addition to this. Unless you already RP with them, or if you think it's not cliche they may NOT know characters before this. I want a clean sheet character. No falling in love with Neji, Naruto, Sasuke, Itachi, etc. ESPECIALLY THE JINCHUURIKI WITH AKATSUKI! Not unless they die, or nearly have died once before. [Ex- Asuna would have died because she was so close to Sasori and Deidara had the other teams not been there to fight them off and kill Sasori whom Asuna had stayed with rather than running with Deidara.]

There are two parts to the competition.
1. Jinchuurikis!
You should know what a jinchuuriki is by now. It's Gaara and Narutos beasts that have been sealed inside them. There are a few serious openings for the main beasts(1-9). The 6,7, and 8 tails are open to take. These WILL be main characters in the story/comic. [Person: what, i thought you said it'd be a comic! AMI: I know I'll finish the story. Comics take forever and I want this to look good. Plus I have my Near and Dei comics I'm making.] If you want one of these make sure to look up what they are. If the beast is wrong it's automatically gone.

But what if you already have a wicked cool character? 1. I'll probably deny anything I think is rediculious. I won't say it to your face, but sorry if I say no. Any character with open tail and ears will be shot down without a second glance. 2. I will accept other actual fairy tail creatures. Ex- A pheonix. Get it? Like I said, I don't want a 34 tailed beaver. That's just stupid guys. Sorry. Unless I really like your character, chances are they'll have maybe ONE moment of glory. Otherwise they'll probably get a mention and a few shots in the final battle scene. they WILL be seen though, don't worry. [Person: D: How are you sure? AMI: because Asuna personally finds each jinchuuriki. If you make it on the top 10 list then she'll come find your character.]

2. Akatsuki!
Just like with the Jichuuriki there are open spots in Akatsuki due to the dying characters. Itachi's going to die soon, we all know it. Sorry itachi fans. *gives you cookies* So, we have, what? Two real openings. [Person: WHAT?! Five members died/about to die! AMI: Sorry, friends override contests. I have a friend with three awesome characters that I've already approved and you'll probably see me post for him. So only two major spots.]

Unlike the jinchuuriki where there's a blantently obvious difference in characters [the original 9 tails and the made-ups] there isn't in Akatsuki. [Person: Ami there's only 9 Akatsuki members though. DUH. AMI: I know. You see, any Akatsuki entries that I like but don't quite see making the top two positions will be in the 'honorable mention' catigory. Sort of like, uhm, the original beast jinchuuriki. You'll be there, but you won't be Akatsuki. You'll probably be a subordinate to one of the top Akatsukis. So there will be 18 winners in total for Akatsuki members. One subordinate for each Akatsuki member. :D If I like more than 18 then Pein and Konan will get more subordinates. xP

If you're confused at all, message me. There will be a few top winners, but a lot of honorable mentions. Anyone in the top winners, and top honorable mentions will get sketches or maybe colored drawings depending on how awesome I think you are.

Person: But didn't say how to enter...
Ami: wow, you just asked a reasonable question..

Just draw the person [I'm not really judging on drawing skill but character so be in depth about them as much as you can. Put everything in the details because I might not be able to read your handwriting. x.x

We good?
I think so. :D

Oh,*cough* you might get lovin if Asuna ish in your pic with your character.

Story details:
Around a year and a half into shippuuden [a little after where we are now.] Asunas having some serious issues with what to do with her life. [This is pretty irrelvant to the story, so don't worry about the details of this.] Upon thinking about the previous events in her life she's come to the conclusion that 1. she hates most shinobi villages for the way they work and 2. Akatsuki is right that the world needed to change. But why should Gaara, Naruto, hers and the other jinchuurikis blood be spilled for it? They shouldn't just roll over and die! That was unfair and although life isn't fair who said you couldn't fight back?

She makes up her plan to get the jinchuuriki all together and get rid of Akatsuki once and for all. So, that they can be free. [Asuna has various other plans for them, but those aren't important at the moment.] She'll start her own underground army of jinchuuriki and unite them. As she saw between Gaara and Narutos friendship, no one understood jinchuurikis hardships like each other.

Other problems are going on with Akatsuki even without the knowledge of this "jinchuuriki army". They're running short on members and not all their beasts have been caught. When Pein hears rumour of this army, not only does he get his top nine members, but even more subordinate and recruits incase this should be true.


I think thats good. :D
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Still Need More Entries

Man, how do I get the word out now?
There has to be SOMETHING.
I'm still confused by the layout.
It used to be easy to get your work seen, now its harder.
And only one per day.

Ah well, won't anybody enter?
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Two entries. One isn't viewable yet, but I'm still glad to have it.

And this new version of theO sure makes it hard to get the word out for things.

Anywho, entry one...

Entry two is by Markus Wolfe.

Com'on people! :[ I need an army! srsly!

Figuring It All Out


I really should've explored the new TheO sooner. ^^;; I couldn't figure out how to make a post for forever!
This is just a test.
Soon I'll have more serious stuff up.
First contestant for the group is up though!

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