Welcome my fellow fangirls!
I know that i'm not the only girl out there who thinks she's a loser. I mean, real guys have not draw for me. I get asked out and I immediately see things that are wrong with the guy and it never goes anywhere. Why am I like this? Because I have a collection of sexy men in my head. Edward Cullen, Mr. Darcy, Kyo, Kenshin, and millions of others have taken root in my heart and have fused to become my PERFECT MAN *insert theme music here*

This World is dedicated to those of use who would rather love the men in our dreams than settle for the medicore BLAH men of the real world.

Please, share with me the face, personality, and wonderfulness of YOUr imaginary bf.

ta ta!
PS-Oh, dear I sound like Tamaki fron Ouran High School. (Now that guy....mmmmmm^^)
PPS- Please keep smut and lemon of this world, thank you.


Since we here are all rbid fangirls Lets share the wealth. Do you know any good websites for hot pix of all our fav characters? My fav is deviantart, and of coursem theO, but I want to expand my repitoire.


I don't know what to think right now. It's not that real guys aren't cute or anything, but dang, they need a personality reboot! (Or maybe I hang with the wrong guys......possible) Doesn't anyboy ese know what I'm talking about, or am I smoking dope?