Ch1:start! It started when Maria Banning is doing her play as Jareth Peter Pan. Maria was doing her lines and kept it going but then all the sudden David Bowie Banning's cellphone goes off!

"Michael I'm at my daughter's play, It's impossible I'm on a plane to London with my wife and daughter." David Bowie Banning said.

" The childern's. The childern's hostipal is deciated to Granny Wendy." David Bowie Banning said.

"David your missing it."Maggie said.

"Want a meeting torromow a.m.?" David Bowie Banning said.

"David what about your daughter's game and you promised to be there for her." Maggie said.

"Micheal it's my daughter's big game steertboro series I promised to be there for her so we'll make it a short meeting." David Bowie Banning replied.

"Maggie I'll be there my word is my bond." David Bowie Banning said.

" Okay try to be there and don't break your promise David." Maggie said.

"Don't try to break you're promise David." Maggie Play was over baseball game came around and Maria's team is Streetboro Baseball she is first base number thirty. She looked at the bleachers her father wasn't there that only meant he broke another promise to her.

David Bowie Banning was at working trying to get out of there but Michael had him with meetings but he got of the meeting one of the work people gave David Bowie Banning cards when him and his family go to London to see granny Wendy.

Meanwhile at Maria's game she only caught foul balls but she could never hit a cruve ball like her Uncle Jack Banning of course her best friend Rachel Opera was recording the game to support her friend that is up to bat.

Maria lost the game but she played well but if only her father showed up to see it.

David Bowie Banning got out of the office and went to the baseball filed he saw that the game had ended that he broke another promise to his daughter.

The tree of them went to the airport they had to wait for their plane forLondon.

Plane landed on the ground as they got on board the plane Maria sat in another row away from her dad but she got busy writing her stories.

"Go talk to her David." Maggie said. David got up and went to talk to his daughter.

"Hey Maria what are you doing?" David Bowie Banning asked.

"I'm just working on my stories dad and you broke another promise you weren't there." Maria said

"Dad you're afraid to get sucked out." Maria said.

"I'm not afraid." David Bowie Banning replied.

"Yes you are dad you're afraid to get sucked out." Maria said.

"When are you going to stop acting like a child?" David Bowie Banning asked.

"I am a child." Maria Banning said.

"Grow up Maria." David Bowie Banning said.

Ch2: Granny Wendy! David Bowie Banning, Maggie Banning and Maria Banning are in London Maggie knows which door that is Grandy Wendy's place.

"David it's fourteen not thirteen." Maggie said. "Oh right yes were in London now so be on you're best behavior Maria." David Bowie Banning said.

David Bowie Banning knocked on the door uncle toodles answered the door. "It's snowing!" Uncle Toodles said as he closed the door.

Maria laughed when he did that but too busy reading her book. Then Liza opened the door saw David Bowie Banning Maggie and their daughter. Peter Banning is already there.

Jack Banning is at a baseball game of the major leauges of course David Bowie Banning told Maria that there was no place called Never-land or faires.

"Lost, lost, lost." Uncle Toodles said. "Lost what?" David Bowie Banning asked. " I've lost my marbles." Uncle Toodles answered.

" Granny Wendy will be down in a moment." Liza said.


~Ichigo Kuromaru

Tsubasa fic

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Race: Human (Princess)

Home World: Milth Verdan (World like Middle Earth)

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Light brown

Personality: Very friendly, she likes to roam her kingdom and talk to the people. She prefurs to be with friends than doing her duties.

Background: She is the crowned princess of Krisia, with her older sister acting as the current Queen. Her parents died a year ago in the war with Silentia. After their funerals her older sister, Mizuko, waged a war with Silentia and the two countries have been fighting since. Izumi is fighting for peace.

Shiraku Midori
Age: 147 (18)

Gender: Female

Race: Elven (Queen)

Home World: Milth Verdan

Eyes: Peircing grey

Hair: Midnight Black

Personality: Tends to like being alone, prefurs to be able to watch the moon and think.

Background: After her parents sudden deaths her brother was th be the heir to the thrown of Silentia but gave itaway to wed his best friend. she now rules her clan and is fighting to find and kill the ones guilty of murderinf her parents. she finds Sakura's feather and uses it to over power the countries around her to find the killers.

The first thing Syaoran notices when he wakes up is that it's warm. It felt like the sun was shining directly on his face. When he glanced over he found Sakura sound asleep. He smiled, happy that her last memory seemed to be a good one.

The brunette stood and began to look around at his surroundings. It seemed like Fai and Kurogane where also out scouting because Syaoran couldn't see them. It also seemed like Mokona was with them.

He looked around finding that they were in a flower field, the flowers ranging from all colors of the rainbow. The sun was directly above and shown down on the two children and the field. It was a beautiful site.

Sakura started to stur and Syaoran rushed to her side. "Easy Princess. Don't strain yourself."

"Thank you, Syaoron-kun." Sakura sent her helper a small smile, reciving one in return. "Where's Mokona and the others?"

"I think they're out scouting but I don't see any sign of them." They looked around the field once more before turning back to eachother.

"Do you think we got split up again?" Sakura was worried about her lost friends. The last time they where split, Kurogane and Fai were stuck in the world for a whole year before she and Syaoran showed up.

Syaoran nodded, "But they can handle themselves. Kurogane's a skilled warrior and even though he doesn't show it, I'm sure Fai's a great magican. Plus if we can understand eachothr than Mokona can't be too far." He gave Sakura a reasurring smile before continuing, "I saw a town and a road to it. We should probably head to it to learn more about the culture and layout of the land. We may even find the guys there."

"Well," Sakura still wasn't sure but she trusted Syaoran's jugdment. "Okay then. Let's go!" She followed Syaoran to the road nearby and walked with him towards the town in the distance.


The town turned out to be more like a city. It had walls around it with the houses built so that the smaller ones were closer to the wall, leading up to the largest building in the center. That center building seemed to be a castle of some sort.

"Excuse me," Syaoran was asking around for information while Sakura was asking about their friends. "Have you seen two people and a small animal?" When the lady shook her head Sakura then asked, "Are you sure? One's a tall man with black hair and the other's a blond with clear blue eyes."

The lady shook her head again, "No, I'm sorry dear. Maybe you should ask the princess."

"The princess?" Sakura tilted her head in a questioning manner so the woman continued.

"Yes the princess of this country. She lives in the castle but she comes down to the market everyday to talk to the villagers." The woman explained. "Oh, there she is now!"

Sakura turned to see a young woman with short, light brown hair aproach. "Hello, Bashia. How are the children?" The princess' voice was kind and gentle.

"Oh, hello Lady Izumi." The woman did a quick bow before the princess, "They're as ornery as ever but I manage." She laughed.

The Princess laughed as well, "That's good." She then turned to Sakura, "And who are you?"

Sakura bowed, "I'm Sakura."

"Please raise Sakura. There's no need to stay bent over so long." The Princess smiled, "I am Princess Takamera Izumi, but I'll let you get away with just Izumi. Welcome to the kingdom! What brought you here?"

"I.. um.. Well.." Before sakura could explain, Syaoran came over.

"Princess I think I know where... Oh, hello." In his rush over to Sakura he didn't notice the other princess until he was at Sakura's side.

"Hello," She looked between the two children, "Are you with Sakura?"

Syaoran nodded. "I'm Syaoran."

"Well it's nice to meet you, Syaoran!" She smiled, "I'm the princess of this country, Takamera Izumi."

Syaoran bowed to the princess, "Nice to meet you too."

"So what brings you both to our lovely kingdom?" Izumi asked.

"Well, We're looking for our friends," Syaoran explained. "We've been traveling and somehow got separated."

"I know everyone in this city so if they had shown up I would know. What do they look like?"

"Fai's got blond hair and really clear blue eyes and Kurogane has black hair and crimson eyes, He's also really tall." Sakura explained.

The princess looked liike she was thinking for a moment before she replied, "No I don't think I know anyone with those discriptions... " When Sakura's face fell into a worried frown she quicckly added, "But I'll help you look for them and you can stay with me until you find them."

"Thank you, Princess Izumi." Syaoran said. "But you don't have to go through all that trouble for us."

Izumi laughed, "First of all, I insist you just call me Izumi. Or if you must, Lady Izumi." When both children showed they understood she contenued, "Second, it's really no big deal. Our castle's pretty much empty and I like to spend time walking in our city."

"Thank you, Prin- Lady Izumi." Syaoran Bowed again before they all turned to continue the search.


"Your town is very peaceful, Izumi." Sakura was sitting at the dinner table with Syaoran and Izumi. Their search had come up empty so they headed to the castle to get settled in.

"Thank you, Sakura." Izumi smiled but it quickly faded. "Unfortunatly this is just the calm before the storm."

"What do you mean?" Syaoran asked.

"Our country is waring with a neighboring elven country," She explained. "The Queen of that country is filled with sorrow. Her parents where murdered a few years ago in times of piece. When the country refused to reconize her older brother as king, she was forced to become the Queen."

"Wouldn't reconize her brother?" Sakura questioned.

"No, because he chose to wed his best friend who happened to be a guy."

"Oh.. Thats sad." Sakura looked down at her lap. "Being outcasted for loving another."

"Yes but it's not really frowned upon unless they're royalty.Elves are too proud to let their royalty love he same gender"

"That's even worse!" Sakura exclaimed.

"Well, it's because of that that poor Midori has been so upset." When she recived questioning looks she explained, "Thats the Queen's name. The poor girl is still just a child."

"How old is she?" Syaoran spoak up. This whole conversation was making him feel quite awkward concitering things he knew.

Izumi wrinkled her brow in thought, "Well she's 147 in human years but she's about 18 in elven years. Even for elves it's too young for all this."

Somewhere in the distance a bell tolled. "Oh dear, is it already that late?" She stood up and headed for the door. "I'm terrably sorry but I must attend to my duties before bed. Please feel free to roam the castle." Izumi then turned to the maid by the door, "Please show them to their rooms when they're done."

Once the princess was gone Syaoran turned to Sakura. "We better go on to bed so we're rested for the search tomorrow." Sakura nodded in agreement and they followed the maid to their rooms in hope of getting a good nights sleep.

A few words... This chapter is with Kurogane, Fai and Mokona. I don't know if I spelled Fai's last name right but I'll fix it later if it's wrong.

I feel bad calling Mokona an it so Mokona is now a boy! Unless someone knows for sure what gender Mokona is. 'Cause I sure don't XD

Disclaimer: I don't own Tsubasa. All I own are the OCs except for Izumi. She's Pyrusdracula09's...


Clear blue eyes blinked their way open as their blond owner slowly came into awareness.

"Yay! Fai's awake!" Mokona squealed as he jumped around the blond man.

"Huh?" Fai could hardly keep up with the small white creature as it hopped around him. "Who else is up?" He asked, yawning.

"Only Mokona and now Fai too!" Mokona giggled.

Stretching, the magician let out another yawn. He usually was the first up so he wasn't surprised.

"Though, I don't think Sakura and Syaoran are here." Mokona said, surprising the blond into full awareness.

"We got separated again?" He questioned.

"I'm not sure but I think so." The white creature replied.

Fai thought over this before asking, "What about Kuro-rin?"

At this Mokona brightened. Giggling he replied, "Kuro-sleepy is still sleeping."

Fai chuckled as he had spotted the ninja lying on the ground not far from him. "Shall we wake him up?"

Mokona jumped up and down to signal he agreed, but before either could've made a move, said warrior sat up. "Don't even think about it," he grumbled.

"Awww," Fai moaned, still managing to sound cheery. "You're no fun Kuro-chan!"

"Don't call me that," he huffed before taking a look of his surroundings. "Where are we, and where are the kids?"

"Mokona doesn't know!" The white bun was jumping around Kurogane now.

"Wha… What the hell do you mean 'you don't know'?" The man yelled as he reached for the small creature.

"Uh oh! Kuro-puu is angry!" Mokona giggled as he jumped out of the warrior's reach, instigating their daily chase.

Fai watched in amusement for a few moments before taking in the environment. They where in some kind of plain, all he could see were grass. Far off in one direction was a desert and in the other a huge forest stretched. Their best bet was to go towards the forest. Who knew how long the desert stretched?

When he voiced his findings to the other two beings in the group they seemed to agree. "There's probably a town in the forest anyway." Kurogane muttered as he dropped Mokona on the ground, the white animal like being letting out an 'ouch!' as it hit the hard surface.

"Well, Kuro-pon," Fai said, smiling while heading in the direction of the woods. "What are we waiting for?"

"Don't call me that," The warrior mumbled again as he took the lead.

"Yay! Adventuring!" Mokona squealed as he ran to catch up with the two others.


It was starting to get dark just before they came across signs of life. That is, other than the animals that roamed the forest of course.

"Seems we're not far from a town." Kurogane commented.

"What makes you say that, Kuro-tan?" Fai asked in a whisper. He was holding Mokona in his arms as they walked so that the creature didn't fall to far behind and he ended up falling asleep.

"There's smoke hanging above the trees," He replied, obviously ignoring the nickname, "It's probably from campfires."

Fai looked up and hummed in agreement. They headed towards the smoke in hopes of having shelter for the night, if not a warm fire to warm them. It had gotten cold fast and Mokona had their heavier clothes. They hadn't felt like dealing with a sleepy Mokona winning the whole way.

They had just begun to see the flicker of orange when two men ambushed them. Both men had bows pointing right at their heads, firm looks on their faces. They both looked the same. They had dark black hair that almost blended in with the darkness and equally dark eyes. The only difference being one was a few inches taller. "Who dares trust pass on Silentia land?" The taller one asked.

"Ah!" Fai spoke up; smile still placed unwavering on his lips. "We didn't mean to trespass. We're just lowly travelers who've happened to get lost."

The two men exchanged a look before looking their prisoners over carefully. They seemed to have noticed their strange clothing for the smaller male went on to ask, "And where do you travelers come from?"

"Far away," Kurogane said, voice a little too rough.

The men exchanged another look and then stated, "We shall take you to the Queen so that she may decide whether you are trustworthy."

"Follow me," The taller one said as he started off towards the fires they spotted earlier. Kurogane and Fai silently followed him with the other man behind them. Mokona still slept on. It would seem he couldn't be woken for anything.

As they approached the camp they realized that these people weren't human. They were a great deal more graceful and silent. Plus they had pointy ears, automatically telling them that they were dealing with elves. If this meeting ended in blows, the two men would out of luck.

When they entered the camp they were faced with a great deal more elves. Most were men while there were very little women and no children. The more they looked around, the more this seemed to be a battle camp. There were random pieces of armor lying about not to mention everyone was equipped with a bow, some sort of blade, or both.

The elves in the camp stopped what they were doing to watch the two outsiders cross the camp to a tent on the other side. This tent was set apart from the others and was much bigger. The taller guard slipped inside as they approached, telling the rest of them to wait.

After a few moments he returned motioning for them to enter. "The Queen is ready to see you."

Fai entered first with the still sleeping Mokona in his arms. As he slipped passed the folds at the door the white bun opened his eyes and let out a "Meikyo!" before slipping back into a peaceful sleep. Fai pause and looked back to the warrior behind him. They exchanged a quick look before continuing in.

The queen was seated at the back of the tent, a bored look on her young face. She had darker hair than all the other elves they had seen and her eyes where a deep sapphire blue instead of the black her fellow elves had. She seemed to be the youngest elf there, looking to be only about eighteen.

"Welcome travelers," Her voice was soft and whimsical, almost like it could lull you to sleep in just a few moments. "May I enquire your names?"

After they bowed, Fai answered, "I'm Fai D. Flourite but you may call me Fai." He gave the queen his usual fake smile before continuing on. "This little fuzz ball is Mokona, and that tall evil looking character behind me is Kuro-"

Before the magician could let out another nickname, said warrior spoke up, "Kurogane."

"Yes," Fai huffed sent the man a glare before turning back to the queen. "We've been traveling with two others but we seemed to have gotten separated."

The queen stood up and walked towards them, looking both in the eyes. "I am Queen Midori. I'm sorry about your lost friends." She had a sorrowful look in her eyes as if she was pained by the thought. "I don't believe them to be in our country for they should've been brought to me by now. However you may join us and look for them in the countries we go to."

"Thank you, Queen Midori," Fai bowed, hearing Kurogane do the same.

"It's nothing," She replied, returning to her seat. "We need a few more troops anyways. Get your rest for tomorrow I shall brief you on our war and you'll train as well." After the men confirmed her statement she turned to the door, calling out to the guards, "Farion, Elidor! Show these men to a tent. They are not to be harmed. They're one of us."

Both elves nodded and motioned for the other two to follow. The left the queen's tent and headed back into the camp. When they where a few tents into the camp the elves stopped and the taller one, Elidor spoke, "This shall be your tent for the remainder of your stay." He indicated to a fairly large tent beside him, just enough to fit two people comfortably. "Farion and I shall come for you at dawn." Both elves then left the others to settle in.

The inside of the tent was bare except for two small beds made of sheets, two lamps and a small table. Fai laid Mokona down on one bed and sat down next to the sleeping creature. "They have a feather." He stated quietly.

"Hn," Kurogane said as he positioned himself on the other bed. "We'll work on that tomorrow. For now let's just go to sleep." He blew out his lamp and turned his back on the magician.

Fai blew out his lamp as well and laid next to the sleeping Mokona. "Night Kuro-puu."

"Shut up."


So thats it! I won't be able to update for a while as my mom's not letting me on the computer or anythig for the next week so we can get ready for a party. So don't expect an update until at least next week.

Also just to let you know i'm planing on switching the POV's each chapter. The next one will be back with Syaoran and Sakura and then the one after with Kurogane's group and so on...

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Jareth Phantom of the Opera!

Jareth Phantom of the Opera!

~ Ichigo Kuromaru

Maria's parents died in a car crash but right before they died Toby said to his daughter as his last words to her.

"Little Roddy don't be upset but you're angel of music will look after you but take this locket so you will always remember us we both care about you little roddy."

As Toby died from those words but what he said is true her angel of music has been looking after her this is the start for Maria Williams Will she see her parents again?

Ch:1! Maria has a sister named Felicia Daae.

Maria is twenty years old and has a brace on her right ankle.
She did have one person that helped her with the singing but she never knew his name.

Felicia Daae is married to Shane De Changy but Felicia Daae wants her sister to be the angel of music.

Cause Maria's music tutor has taught her well and who knows she will become the angel of music.

Ghost Rider2!

Ghost Rider2!

This is based off of Ghost Rider one!

Disclaimer: I don't own Ghost Rider but I do own Ichigo Blaze!

~Ichigo Kuromaru

Ch1: Introduction

Her father Johnny Blaze is the Ghost Rider when he married Roxanne they have a daughter named Ichigo Blaze she has some of her father's power.

Mephistopheles is back and he grabs Ichigo Blaze and takes her to the underworld.

Her father meets Jareth Pumpin' Iron they go to the underworld to save his daughter will Mephistopheles get his son Black heart back?

There is an old ghost rider saying.

"It's said that the old west was built on legends, tall tales that help us sense of things too geat or too terrifying to believe.

This was the legend of the ghost rider story goes that every generation has some dang soul cursed to ride the earth collecting on the devil's deals.

many some years ago, a ghost rider was sent to the village of San Venganza to fetch a contract wroth 1,000 evil souls but the contract was so powerful he knew he never let the devil get his hands on it.

so he did what no rider has done before out ran the devil himself so things about legends is that they're true."

Ch2: Johnny and Ichigo

Johnny had to go on a mission about something and Roxanne is pregnant with Ichigo of course Barton Blaze is alive this time.

Johnny came back from his mission and saw that his wife was in labor with their daughter Johnny and Barton took Roxanne to the hospital.

Ichigo was born and Roxanne said her final words to Johnny.

"Johnny protect Ichigo when she gets older you will have to tell her about the powers that she has I love you Johnny." Roxanne died from those words.

"I will Roxanne and I will make sure nothing happens to her I love you too." Johnny Blaze replied.

Johnny Blaze is holding Ichigo she cried when her mother died.

Johnny looked at his father. "Hey dad do you want to hold your granddaughter?" He asked cause her father is concerned.

Barton paused for a moment before he did anything else. "Sure son what is her name?" As he asked his son while holding his grandchild.

Johnny smiled when looking at them. "Her name is Ichigo Ray Roxanne Blaze." Her father replied.

His father is surprised about the name that he gave to his child. "Nice name son and she seems to like it." Barton replied when he gave his daughter back to him.

" Thanks dad at least I will protect my own daughter." Johnny said.

"Yeah that's true son you will and I know you will make a good father to her." Barton replied.

Johnny knew that Ichigo is upset and he was upset that Roxanne died.

He raised Ichigo by himself by the time she was about a year old Barton Blaze died.

The year is 2010 and Ichigo is twenty years old of course she has been living with her father she still misses her mother and grandfather a lot.

Johnny was doing his stunts and Ichigo is watching her dad from the side lines.

After the show was over Ichigo and Johnny is walking his bike back.

"Dad do you think I'll do stunts like you?"Ichigo asked.

Johnny looked at his daughter. "Why do you want to do bike stunts Ichigo?" Johnny replied.

"Cause I want to do something with my life I've never done anything special."Ichigo said.

"Ichigo you are special that's why I don't want to see you to get hurt but I will let you do bike stunts." Johnny said cause he doesn't want her to be left out.

"Really dad you think so? How am I special?" Ichigo said.

"Ichigo my father told me something once when I was your age he said. "if you don't make the choice the choice makes you."kiddo you have my talent that's how you're special." Johnny said.

"He really said that dad? What of talent do I have?" Ichigo Blaze asked.

"yes he did Ichigo and for talent you have my gift you were born with it." Johnny answered.

"Dad what kind of gift do I have that you got?" His daughter replied and still has that ankle problem when she was eighteen.

"Ichigo I will tell you later just not now but it's a gift that you have but there's one thing that you can't do is live in fear." Johnny said then he looked at his daughter's ankle that she had at the age of eighteen.

"How long has that been bothering you kiddo?" Her father asked cause he is worried about his daughter.

" Since I was eighteen dad nothing has changed but I just want it to stop dad."His daughter answered from that question that her father asked it.

Johnny and Ichigo went father is resting on the bed. Ichigo looked at the paper that has what's causing her to be in pain a lot.

Ichigo went to work on the bikes. All of the sudden Mephistopheles appeared to where Johnny's daughter is at he saw her working on the bikes.

"Hello young Blaze you watched you're fathers show." Mephistopheles said.

Ichigo stopped for awhile and she looked at the strange man. "Yeah I did Who are you? How do you know my father?" Johnny's daughter asked.

"What if I can help you with your ankle problem? I know your father about your age." Mephistopheles the devil said.

"How can you help me?" Johnny's daughter replied. She got back to working on the bikes again.

"I can take away you're pain." Mephistopheles said.

"Do you run a show?" Ichigo Blaze asked while working on the bikes.

" Yes actually if I help you can ride for me." Mephistopheles answered.

Ichigo does want the pain to stop and do bike stunts with her father. "Ok name your price." Johnny's daughter said.

"I'll take you're soul."Mephistopheles the devil said.

Ichigo mouthed 'ok' she is got done working on the bikes.

"By sun rise torromow your ankle problem will go away and all you have to do is sign." Mephistopheles said as he pulled out the contract.

Ichigo got up looked at the contract a drop of blood fell on it. The young Blaze didn't feel it. She backed away from Mephistopheles she can sense the evil in him.

It was morning and her pain went away like he said it would. Last night Mephistopheles let Young Blaze keep her soul. Somehow he knew that she has the powers already so the blood on the contract is gone.

"Hey Ichigo sleep well last night?" Johnny asked.

Ichigo looked at her father. "Yeah I did dad." Ichigo answered.

"That's good to know well we better get going then how is your ankle doing?" Johnny asked.

"It's doing better dad at least the pain stopped."Ichigo answered.

So Johnny and Ichigo went to the fair. mephistopheles is watching Johnny and his child do the bike stunts. Her father Johnny is surprised that hisd daughter did the stunt well with out falling off of her bike.

Johnny and Ichigo both walked their bikes back. At home his child is in her bedroom writing her stories. Johnny went upstairs to check on Ichigo.

"Hey Ichigo you alright?"Johnny asked cause he is concerned about Ichigo.

" I'm fine dad why do you ask that?"Ichigo replied.

"What's wrong Ichigo?" Johnny Blaze said.

" Dad I miss mom and grandpa a lot what happen to them?" Ichigo Blaze asked her voice sounded broken when they died.

Johnny held his daughter close to him. " I miss them too kiddo everything is going to be alright I promise Ichigo." Johnny answered cause his daughter is upset.

Johnny still has to tell his child about her powers. "Ichigo listen to me. I know you miss your mother and grandfather but you still have me and nothing can ever change that I did promise your mother about something and I'm going to keep that promise. I care about you a lot kiddo." Johnny Blaze said to clam her down.

Ichigo looked at her dad. "Daddy what promise that you made to mom? I'm glad that your around dad." Ichigo said.

As Johnny hold Ichigo they sat down. "Ichigo when my mother died I didn't get to know her but my dad was always there for me so your not the only one kiddo." Johnny said to Ichigo.

Ichigo sat up but is still held by her father and that did clam her down. "You really never met your mother dad? Yeah I'm not the only one." Ichigo Ray Roxanne Blaze replied.

This is the first time that he saw his daughter smiled. "Yeah as long I'm here nothing bad will happen to you." Johnny said.

"Thanks dad at least I keep doing bike stunts with you and I know you will let nothing bad happen to me." Ichigo said.

Ch3: Jareth Pumpin' Iron!
Morning came Ichigo was in bed still. Johnny went to wake his daughter up. "kiddo wake up your friend Rachel Opera will be here soon." Johnny said.

" Ok I'm getting up dad how did you know that Rachel Opera is coming here?" Ichigo asked as she got up.

"Cause she told you the day before Ichigo about seeing someone called Jareth Pumpin' Iron?" Johnny said.

"Yeah me and Rachel are going to see his stunts who knows I might get to meet him dad." Ichigo Blaze said.

"That's good Ichigo but this time stay out of trouble." Johnny said.

His child got dressed. "I will dad besides I don't get into trouble that much anyways." Ichigo said.

As Rachel showed up her and Johnny's daughter went to see Jareth Pumpin' Iron to see his stunts in New York Rachel doesn't know that her friend does stunts.

"Rachel I don't even know him but his stunts are good." Rachel's friend said.

"Soon you will get to meet him."Her friend said.

"Yeah that's true I will."Blaze's daughter said.

The show was over they had backstage passes to see Jareth Pumpin' Iron but Mephistopheles is making a deal with him and he took the deal then the devil Mephistopheles was gone.

Rachel and her friend met Jareth Pumpin' Iron after they got done visting him Ichigo walked home.

Ch4: Two Invincible's! Johnny and his child were at phoenix doing their bike stunts.

His daughter got done with hers so now she's watching her father.

Her father missed the last jump he fell and his child went to him with Mack the second they went to see if he's alright.

"JB JB please don't make your daughter worry."Mack said.

Johnny saw his daughter and Mack's son. "Heck is my daughter alright?" Her father said.

"Yeah I'm fine dad." The daughter replied.

His daughter handed him his sunglasses. "Thank you kiddo." Johnny said.

Mack's son and his kid helped him up. All of them are on the bus.

Johnny and his child are taking a break from the jump of the stunt that they had to do.

Mack's son looked at Johnny and his daughter. "What?" Johnny Blaze said.

"You both should take a dirt nap from that jump why don't you two have a beer like everyone else."Mack's son said.

"Alcohol gives us nightmares and besides my daughter is too young but mostly it was luck." Johnny said.

"I have a dog named lucky he has one eye and no nut luck can't cover it JB you and your kid have an angel looking after you."Mack's son replied.

"Hey Mack are you in?" One of the bike crew said.

"Yeah I'm in scoot over ladies what's the score?" Mack's son asked.

"Yeah maybe maybe it's something else." Johnny said.

Ch5: Angels only! All of the sudden when it was storming Vengeance 2099 and Sparrow 2099 shows up at the biker bar.

Mephistopheles appears in front of them. "I have a mission for you two." The devil said.

" What mission who are you anyways?" The two of them said.

" To get rid of Ghost Rider by doing that I'll grab his daughter." Mephistopheles replied.

" Alright we'll get rid of this so called Ghost Rider." The two of them said.

Mephistopheles went back to the underworld.

Meanwhile with Johnny and his daughter went back to Johnny's apartment. They sat down and watching the hollower monkey show.

Mack's son is hoping that Johnny and his child took out the cars from filed goal to filed goal.

Back at the biker bar Vengeance 2099 and Sparrow 2099 were killing innocent people.

Ch6: World takes over! Of course Johnny and his daughter doesn't know of what's going on but it is dark.

Johnny went on his mission his child is in bed.

After Johnny's mission was over he went back to his apartment saw his kid sleeping on the couch.

Johnny grabbed his daughter laid her on the bed her father is also laying next to her.

Ch7: Out of control! Another person showed up Ghost Rider 2099.

Mephistopheles came to Ghost Rider 2099 to help to get rid of the real Ghost Rider.

He took the deal and Mephistopheles was back in the underworld.

Johnny and his daughter are resting in bed.