Ok if you have a friend or relative with weapons go

Paranoid or gun crazy relatives come standard in my family and friend circle so I have a spring field armory thats mobile youmay not be so fortunate if you have experience as a smith use it take that scrap metal and make it deadly remember when fighting the undead the farther away you are when you decap them the better I prefer a halbred or shaolin spade for these matters (Fellow kung fu students you know) if you dont image search it is an amazing weapon. Guns should be used sparingly due to the noise it draws more of the buggars which causes you to waste more ammo and that brings more of them its a vicious circle unless there arent that many then its just plain fun.POP goes the zombie it is a satisfying noise.

Thanks for all the hits

I am ranked 816 in the league its not stardom but its a start well gotta go there are zombies to be pwned ...

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More to march with

All my friends at school ur in u know who you r

If you are near the ocean it gets fun

If you are on a boat or an island you are safe from land zombies but the buggers can walk under water and that is what you have to be afraid of people you canget pulled off your boat not because the zombie can swim but it kind of bobbed to the surface and if you want to stay safe put on the shark mesh get a harpoon gun and go fishing this is one of the funnest ways to kill the zombies
next to find the celeb zombie(more in that next post)

Okay what if the bullets start hittin zombies

If you start shhotin the undead make sure its quite zombies are dumb not deaf they have good eyesite(if they have eyes) they can see a cigareete ash from a mile away so they can see the muzzle flash from your desert eagle(that is my prefered weapon) but don't waste bullets unless your in an armory but even if you are there conserve ammo you don't want to have an empty clip when raiders come.