Well friends I am alive and well

I'm happy to say that we have cleared out most of my home state of the living dead and the battle here is coming to a close I'm sad to say that I lost a friend over the course of this fight... But the threat is over and I'm thinking about closing this down but it seems the rest of you have been checking quite regularly though so I think I will give it another shot.

W007 I gots a cellphone

I got it a few weeks back and I'm glad I finally got one cause I so need to have a contact number. Things are looking up financially and I shouldbe able to go to Otakon this year. If you're going look for a guy wearing a Russian commissar hat with mirrored goggles. I'll be hanging out with someone cosplaying Simon from Gurren Lagaan (The older version) and at the formal dance thing I'll be wearing a Gray and Lighter gray pinstriped vest. Speak at you guys later

It's christmas eve and all is quiet

No matter how many infected you have in the area take a night off and blare some tunes personally I like to wait with a dragonov sniper rifle while the undead come towards the music ahhhh christmas nothing says holiday spirit like killing some shambling undead... Well everyone have a good christmas hannakuh Kwanzarosh hassanah (I apologize for spelling) or if you don't have a religon just have a good break from work/school. I'll see you allnext year hopefully with less zombies around :)

Happy thanksgiving

What am I thankful for? My family, my friends and not getting eaten by the living dead THIS year. if your reading this you must be as safe as I am didn't see that many zombies today but that doesn't mean they are gonna take a holiday, I want to thank everyone that has been loyal with this page since the beginning remember teel your friends. Stay alive, stay smart and stay alert. Happy Thanksgiving everyone hope you have one with less zombies than usual.

LaMOE (pronounced lay-mow the E is silent)

LaMOE stands for Last Man On Earth and it is a symptom that can be seen in a person or at lest two-three individuals that think they are the last remnants of humanity on earth. In some cases it can be dangerous but when the army or other armed forces sweep areas and find these people the shooting that may occur is usually accidental or in some cases reflex. These people are often happy to find they aren't alone but others were so used to being "King" of whatever was in their ruined city that they shot at the army and in one case one man had rigged an entire Wal-Mart with trip wired shotguns and mines. They found him dead in the fire arms section still walking around a crawler(a zombie with no legs or a broken spinal column) had apparently gotten the drop on him from a high shelf and got him inthe jugular. One case that happened in colarado was quite amazing really one man had been living in a clock tower(as cliche as that sounds)and he had been systematically clearing the town with an Ak-74(semi-automatic Amazing gun)and a high powered hunting rifle. When Army Sweep teams came through he accidentally took a shot at one with that high powered rifle the man shot lived he was wearing a hard cover(heavy kevlar which is bite and bullet proof) which saved his life. Well that is the lesson of the week folks if you stay in a city by yourself try to keep contact with the outside world if yu don't you too could become a LaMOE. until next time stay safe stay smart adn most of all stay sane.