The one

The one

I am the one who everyone knows,
yet no one sees.

I am the one who fills your nightmares,
and your sweetest dreams.

I am the one who got into a crash on my way home,
with no one to see me crying on my own.

I am the one who sits with many,
yet is isolated none the less.

I am the one who many consider a friend,
but no one truly knows.

I am the on who sleeps in the cold,
and everyone laughs at because I have no home.

I am the one who will haunt you after death,
no matter the hour.

and you are the one
who didn't save me in time.

by: Kitsune Arya

this crying heart of mine

This crying heart of mine

Why can't you see,
the pain you put me through?

The lies,
You constantly do these thing to me.

You may not realize it,
but you do,
I am just a fool.

You ignore my love,
and take advantage of it.

You say you'll spend time with me,
when really you just want a laugh.

I know I should leave,
stop loving you,
find another.

But I can't.
I can't stop loving you,
it hurts more to say away,
than to stay close to you.

Maybe I really am a fool,

But perhaps.
Perhaps everyone else is what they say I am.
Because no one understands,
this crying heart of mine.

by: Kitsune Arya
idea from: naruto

these eyes

These eyes

These eyes have seen it all.


Even life,
and death.

by: Kitsune Arya
idea from: loveless

the lonely girl

The lonely girl

Here sits the lonely girl.
Completely forgotten by the rest of the world.

Betrayed by her brother,
taken from friends never meant to last.

But still one struggles.
One person tries to help,
and he gets others to join his cause.

So lonely and misguided was the poor girl,
she thought his antics in vain,
and he should just give up.

Now she's free,
with friends,
and knows true happiness.

Now she's glad the boy came.
That strange boy with such power and might,
Who came into her life one night.

by: Kitsune Arya
idea from: bleach

sorrowful endings

Sorrowful endings

Everything ends one way or another,
but the saddest are sorrowful endings.

Endings where friendship is lost,
hearts destroyed,
love left in shattered pieces.

These are the saddest of endings,
where best friends give into their inner demons.

Where they destroy eachother from the inside out,
not caring for the other's shattered heart.

Over time they become enemies,
all friendship forgotten,
only left with haunting memories of what used to be.

Moving forward,
killing eachother even more,
not even bothering to clean up the scattered shards of broken love.

Sorrowful endings all end the same way.
With blood,
and death.

by: Kitsune Arya
idea from: naruto