Background credit to ~zygat3r(deviantart)

Nickname:Hiro_Masaki, 2Evolution

Been making stuff since 2002 and still kinda a noob at wallpapers since Sakura_Kokoro(my sister who brought me into this)has done this alot longer than me.

As you can see I'm a person with few words....but watch my creativity take over

The Idol Master Iphone

Another short work while waiting for certain game to come back on

Its been ages...

Been busy doing stuff so its a rare thing these days enjoy

Shining Tears Version 1

Version 1
Sigh....tired again....

Shining Tears HM Version 2

Version 2
Sigh....tired again....

Untitled 2-6-11

Finally got bored enough to start my first submission for this year xD!