Tatsuma-chan here,
Welcome to the Heros Academy's newsroom

This is where u can see whats going on in the Heros Times^-^ U do not have to be a student of the Heros Academy to be a news paper writer, but u have to have an ID. I will post an example later. Well here u can make up any story u want but it has to be in a none existing place with non existing characters. (Well it can have real anime characters in it, but it has to have something to do with the midevil times.) If u are a newspaper writer than u can use any picture (as long as its appropriate) and u can write any news story. Just be creative. Students can be news reporters too. For the ID u don't have to draw the person u can just get a pic u already have and us that one like I did. (U can c it when I post it.) I wanna c how this goes so please do not get to angry or upset if I delete this world. It all depends on how many views and people comment and post on this world.

News Paper writers:


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Example ID

Here is the example ID I told u about in the introduction:

U can make it however u want. And like I said u don't have to draw it. U can live whereever u want.(As long as it is a none existing place.) I just put random #s for the phone # and random #s for the address. *Remember that u have to have an ID to be a newspaper writer.*
Well c ya around!


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