Hey! welcome to my wrather dull world. I won't be putting much up here, mostly just the usual posts. Rants, what's going on in my life, links to drawings and short stories/poems. Take a quick glance around and if you decide tha this world is too boring than you are quite welcome to leave. hope you like my drawings and have a nice day.

Wow it's been awhile

well doubt that anyones reading this but after like three years..? i've finally decided to update some stuff

Le gasp! that's right, update!!! well my style has changed a bunch and i hope that you enjoy it ^J^ <---- Russia emoticon!!! oh yeah... lately my obsession has been Hetalia( especially Russia..da!) but don't expect much fan art cause i suck at that stuff :P

So yeah, i'm eager to meet new otaku and learn new things! give me a shout sometime if you have any suggestions about my work! but don't expect an instant reply cause dial up sucks and even "theotaku" is hard to load! i've forgotten to do like alot of stuff....how do i update "myotaku"? does anyone still look at those or are these "worlds" the new thing?

I feel like an old person lol ^J^;

The hand

Figured i'll add this weird poem thing considering i'm pretty bored in class right now

The Hand
And how the hand was the minds undoing,
The quick slash of a page.
For even though the mind was at bliss,
The hand was deranged.
Unaware of what the hand plotted,
The mind lay asleep.
The hand grabbed a paper, sharp and white,
And layed it on the face.
And even though the hand worked all night,
The mind heard not a peep.
The hand kept piling on,
Until the mind lay crushed.
And then the hand grabbed a knife,
One with blood stained deep.
And killed its sister hand who had laid witness to the crime,
And none would be the wiser to this murderous affair.
For who would have thought,
that something such as the mind,
Could be crushed,
With but simple pieces of paper.


I'm kinda pissed off right now. I stopped going on TheOtaku for awhile and didn't read my comments, and update anything for awhile. When i came back TheOtaku shortened all manga comments so that you could only see the series comments!! i can still go to my backroom and look at some of the beggings of the comments, but when i click on them they don't show up!! i didn't even have the chance to read most of them!! yeah, so i'm kinda pissed off at that.
any way, i'm finaly back on TheO and am updating my stuff, plz comment, and sign my gb. hope you all have a better day than mine so far.