Welcome! This is the 1st chapter of my New Story, "Gone With Out A Touch"

It is about 2 boys who lose there mother and there father did not tell them soon enough, They found out the hard way.

At times this story ma only be rated G but at other times It may be rated
PG-13 so be aware

and now, Gone with out a touch.......

Chapter 1

Hello. My name is Justin. And my brothers name is Arron. It is July 27th of the year 2005 and we are celebrating our mothers 32nd Berthday Her name is Susanah.

Justin come and pick up your clothes of of this table before i throw them off into the garbage! Commin' mom, i yelled. Did you pack your lunch and brush your teeth young man? Yes Mam, i replied. Where is your brother? I dont know? Well go find him and tell him he's gonna miss the school bus! ok. ARRON, where are you!?! We half to go to school! BLAHHHH, UGHHH!!! Arron? Is that you? Yuuyuuss its me, UGHHH BLAHHH!! Oh gosh! i cried. MOM ARRON's VOMATING! Well then tell him to stay home to day. Ok, bye arron hope you feel better soon!
Thanks,he mumbled.