Tatsuma-chan here! This is Group B!(c Heros Academy 2 find out what I'm talking about.) The classes that shall be held here are: Weaponry, Blocking, and Armory.Message for students only: Every week or so (whenever I get a chance 2 get on) you can check below for whats new in Group B.

Special Events: None yet
News: Nothing yet
Contests/assignments: None yet

Group B = Fighting & evrything else!

Group B Students:

Armory Teach

Name: Jale Heavyhull Age: 25 Race: human About him: Mizu found him alone on a cold dark road at the age of seven. He remembered little. He remembered that his fathers last name was Heavyhull and that he was an orphan. She g...

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Lock Picking Teach & World Studies Teach

Name: Sytale Seals & Metry Lurtis Age: 23 & 23 Homeland: Cyridill Info.: They're twins that grew up on a poor farm and had 2 work hard for every thing they got. Their mother was horribly sick and died when they were 14...

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