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It's been years that I don't create a post on TheO and i completely forgot how to use it

appears and disappears

Quick post, thank you all for the birthday wishes, and the dedications and the gifts, It's appreciated!

I have a big trouble with time, because I have tons to do with work, and then study and then driving lessons, and then, (you won't believe this) SOCIAL LIFE !?!??????
OMG! ironically, I don't have a single friend.never had one, never will have one.
but company it's amazing isn't it?

I go out a little more, so i have less time for draw, but I hope to still do stuff, I love drawing and I will never stop, so I'll keep posting in all the different sites when I will have time.

Also I hope a lot to use my eater vacations from work to post my oc poll, because I really want to finish it ASAP I don't know if I'll have time for it in april?
are we still don't the oc poll right? I hope it, this place it's so dead and it's just sad. still, I'm glad to see some of you on other sites. bye for now, have a great great day.

What about the Groovy Boar

LONG POST IT'S LONG Hey here everybody Lately I've been kinda absent and inactive, so I decided to make a little life post, nothing too interesting, just my life! You might remember me being all whiny cause I coul...

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SS Wishlist 2017 ~ Groovy Boar

Which is definitely NOT a copy 'n' paste of 2016 Wishlist. Not. At. All. (But don't go check please) Hi there Secret Santa! this is my wishlist for this year, I hope you'll find something you'll enjoy too! OCs...

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TheO are you drunk?

Me *trying to reply to kind comments to my last depressing post*
TheO We're sorry, you are not permitted to make 6 consecutive posts.

What kind of rule is that? why I can't reply to 7 people commenting? I just don't understand TheO crappy rules! I can't post 7 comments, but art theft it's okay, and invisible promotions that doesn't exist are okay?