Heh, I guess ya found me in here too, huh? Well, since you're here I might as well take my time and talk to you. After all I have to give you credit for reaching this place. So, what may I help you with? Don't be shy and speak up, I don't bite *smiles* But the snakes sure do.

Stick around. Have a laugh. But watch your step *grins*

A nice welcome

'Hey there, y'all. Welcome to my room. Hope it doesn't get crowded in here. Although I kinda want to talk to someone once in a while. Will all the dimwits running around and Aizen-san doing his scheming it's kinda boring around here. But I do enjoy playin' with the paths and corridors around Las Noches. It's fun to watch their faces when they realize they're incredibly lost. I love changin' the path right when they're about to get out. Other people's frustration makes for the best comic relief. I think I should start the Arrancar Encyclopedia again, found some pretty interesting things about the Espadas and their fraccion.'

*collective yell* 'NO!'

'Ok, ok, I was just sayin'! Ya don't need to get defensive! *to self* Although it could be a good idea *smiles* But back to my audience, it's impolite to neglect your guests, no? Would you ladies like to take a walk around Las Noches with me? Sure ya would, now come on.
Let's see...what can I possibly show you ladies, hmm? Ah, I know! First I'll show you the council room, where all of us gather when there's something worth discussing. We might even find an Espada or two in there. Don't you girls faint, ok? I hate cleanin' the fangirls off the floor. Now, let's see if someone's home. *opens door* Oh, Nnoitra-san, I didn't know you were here.'
'Now you do, so can ya get out and let me read?' Nnoitra spat over his shoulder from the table.
'Oh, but don't mind me, I was just giving these ladies here a tour. Why don't you be nice and say hi?'
'Hi' Nnoitra replied, instantly turning back to his book.
*one of the girls collapses with a sigh*
'Hey, now what did I tell ya about the faintin'?'
'Oh great, more trash' Nnoitra grunted. 'Like there wasn't enough around this joint.'
'Well then I'll be leavin'. I'll send the cleaners after this later *steps over unconscious fangirl*. Let's walk around some more. Will ya look who's over there. If it isn't Grimmjow. How ya doing?'
*Grimmjow grunts and walks on*
'What got up his ass? That disrespectful piece of--oh my, pardon my behavior. Now, let's go on ahead and hope we don't bump into our special little friend Wonderweiss. Oh look, there comes Stark-san!'
'Aizen sent for you. He said go to his room as soon as possible' Stark said. 'Why did I have to go get him? I could have slept so well instead of searching for him' Stark said to himself walking away.
'I'm afraid this is the end of our first meeting but be sure to stop by whenever you can. Bye Bye'