What can I say? Here's my interweb-diary-thingy that I will almost definitely screw up. I do plan to keep this every day, but if I can for a week Haru 93 says she'll give me a cookie as a present. Enjoy, if you can!

If, for some reason, you DO enjoy the daily ramblings of a crazed Teenager, by all means, let me know, I like to make new friends

Random Update

Well, it's been SO long since I submitted anything... sorry about that. I'm working on a story right now, it's gonna be huge... A combination of FFV and FFXII (Weird, I know), starring an Original main character. Without giving too much away... I'...

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Al Bhed Indeed

Haru 93: We’re back! It’s Gildas Magnus and me again! And once more, my parts are written in italics, and his are in underline. I do so love my continuity… Gildas Magnus: Just in case it isn’t clear, I’...

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Okay. LONG time no speak. But there's a reason for that. Three weeks ago, the best relationship of my life ended (with me the loser, of course). I expected it, to be honest... two months of sheer perfection, I was just *waiting* for it to end. So... it did. And that's that. The closing of one chapter, the beginning of another. I learned so much from it, and now I think I'm ready to start dating... casually, rather than aiming for perfection just now. And that's ALREADY possible... but don't think I'm a "Lady(man) of the night" or something, I'm not over him, gods no. But I'm ready to... start afresh, with him still on my mind. And... I'm proud of that. I can look back in sorrow... AND happiness. And that's good.

Christmas Time

Yay Christmas! I hope you guys all have a great day, and Santa brings everything you asked for
I must make a sorry announcement, however. A joint fan-fic project by Haru 93 and myself, planned to be released today, is still under construction... and we have no plans to make it into a series. Therefore... we must delay the release of said Fan Fic until it is finished. My apologies

I really hope today brings many joys and happiness :)

Hope it brought you everything you wanted XD



Today me and my boyfriend Adam have been going out for three weeks... he doesn't love me any less than he did day One, which I'm really happy about

Golden Chamber 3 is almost complete, and will be uploaded soon enough
But don't think that's it! Me and Haru plan to continue the Golden Chamber series as long as we can
So if you enjoy our writing style, then by all means, dance around screaming

Our amazing Science Enhancement trips are over, now we can only see each other at irregular intervals (eg Halloween!) and parties etc. I'm sad it's over, but I made the most amazing friend ever, so I'm happy I went

I'm currently writing a fan fic about Final Fantasy I, but am suffering slightly from Writer's Block. It will be a long while before it's finished, please bear with me.

Ermm, that's it I think..
I re-dyed my hair, if that matters XD
I'm going as L (death note) for trick-or-treating, so....yay

That's all, thanks for putting up with me