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The Gazette 10th Anniversary Interview [Part 2]

So, same link as previous post. Anyways, here's part 2! ------------------------ Since it's the GazettE's 10th anniversary, you're probably doing quite a lot of interviews where you're looking back on the past, right. But we persiste...

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10th Anniversary Interview [Part 1]

So, I believe this is part one but credit for translating goes to this person right here

If I find the 2nd part (if there is one) I will upload it ^^


Since it's the GazettE's 10th anniversary, you're probably doing quite a lot of interviews where you're looking back on the past, right. But we persistently asked the members about the time when the GazettE was formed and about unknown stories of that time. What episodes will we hear from the guys who dug up their old memories for us?

Our first live didn't feel spectacular at all.

― The 10th anniversary...... on this occasion, I think you have often reflected on the past but here we won't just simply look back (laugh). Anyways, I think to begin we want to focus on the point of time 10 years ago when the GazettE was born. How much do you actually remember clearly from that time?

RUKI: I remember a lot clearly...... maybe (bitter laugh).

― Tell us first about the time when the band was born!

RUKI:What I remember most from that time is the first oneman we had since we formed.

― What about that?

RUKI: Ah, well, if I talked about this in detail... this would get a bit lengthy (laugh). But I remember the moment when we appeard on the live scene really well.

REITA: Our very first live didn't feel spectacular at all.

Uruha: We were right before the headliner of an event, so it was actually a quite good position.

― So why was it not spectacular?

RUKI: There were no visitors at all. Generally if you have your first live there will be visitors who were fans of your former band and who are coming [to see your new band] but we repeatedly formed and broke up several bands before that...... we formed the GazettE although we had completely lost all our fans at that point (bitter smile).

― Wa-was that so?

RUKI: Events like PS COMPANY are doing them now (such as Chichuu Roukaku) were not known and one also didn't necessarily mainly appear at AREA (Takadanobaba AREA). I think that one really had to have really serious feelings about being in a band.

― Since Kai-kun joined the band afterwards, couldn't you see the GazettE at that time objectively?

Kai: I went to see their live.

REITA: Were you from an other performing band?

Kai: No, at that time I got a pass from another band and so I went to see them.

― Isn't this a precious eye-witness! How did you see the GazettE?

Kai: At that time the GazettE drew a lot of attention. I was told that they had "gathered 100 visitors".

RUKI: Eh? We didn't! But I'd actually like to know how many visitors we had.

Uruha: Don't ask that! (laugh).

Kai: There were already about 100 to 120 visitors. Even if it was with other bands, isn't that about the same as at a oneman?

RUKI: It was less than that, though (laugh).

― But still there you mobilized about 100 people, right? Isn't this awesome? [So many people came] although not much time had passed since your first live.

Kai: I thought that I would certainly come!

― And then you thought you want to join?

Kai: No, at that time it was too mortifying when I compared it to the band I was in at that time.

― Have been acquainted with the members already?

Kai: Not at all. None of them (laugh).

― Well then how did you become acquainted?

Kai: At that time there was the chance to do a member shuffle among several bands and do session bands. My costume was missing something at that time, so the starting point was basically that I borrowed something.

RUKI: I don't remember that at all.

― What did you borrow?

Kai: A wallet chain (laugh).

RUKI: This didn't have anything to do with the costume! (laugh). Hey, did you actually return that wallet chain eventually?

Kai: I did, I did (laugh). We only exchanged phone numbers back then. At any rate I couldn't forget the live of the GazettE I saw before. But they already had a drummer...... but then I heard gossip about the GazettE's drummer quitting. At that point of time I had hardly talked to any of the members but then I just took all my courage and made a phone call. Sind it was so sudden we talked about why I wanted to be in the band and if something had happened.

RUKI: Yes, we were looking for a drummer! But there were also other candidates! (laugh). Despite having heard about Kai-kun from someone I knew, he hardly recommended him to me (laugh). So I was really perplexed. After that we decided on someone but they immediately quit. I was really worried at that point. Since we actually had some lives settled.

Uruha: Yeah, just after we had decided that Kai-kun would join us, we got to perform at a live! (laugh).

RUKI: But Kai-kun hardly knew the songs, right (laugh).

Kai: Well, my thoughts were quite optimistic, right (laugh).

RUKI: I thought that we didn't really know the songs either. Our CDs didn't sell either and it was the day just before a live.

Kai: I memorized everything in one sleeploess night... it was extreme.

REITA: You must be a genius since you managed to drum everything after that (laugh).

― What was the result?

RUKI: In the end the performance was interrupted midway. But that was a crucial point.

― Eh? That was the decision of the members?

RUKI: Yeah but he looked as if he was about to cry (laugh).

Kai: I didn't look like that!

RUKI: You were almost crying!

Kai: I was just like "what should I do now!" (laugh). I felt like whatever I would do, I wouldn't manage to do it (bitter smile).

RUKI: And yet, the fans started talking and said things like "poor guy" and stuff (laugh). Very few guests shouted "hang in there~!". This was like the first bridge between us. It was a live together with Kra.

REITA: It was inexcusable for the sake of Kra (bitter smile).

RUKI: If a performance is interrupted, wouldn't you usually think "Eh? That's impossible!". But for us it was rather like "somehow this is good".

Kai: It was completely out of compassion, wasn't it (bitter smile).

― Isn't this a nice story! You really were in a crisis but it was also the greatest chance, right.

Kai: I really thought they would tell me that I'm fired! But after that the members told me "I'm looking forward to work with you from now on", I was so glad!

Uruha: It was clear from the beginning that you wouldn't be in the condition to do it.

RUKI: No one was angry. We just thought "it's just how it is".

Aoi: We were just full of motivation at that time, right (laugh). However, Kai-kun was really mean at that time! (laugh).

Kai: Wa-was that so?

Uruha: This reminds me, when I greeted him, he just ignored me (laugh).

Kai: N-no...... it was not like... uhm, at that time several things were going on. Actually I've been invited by several other bands. I really felt like I should choose the GazettE but I couldn't really shout that I was glad there.

― You mean you started comparing them? One tries to choose the best conditions right (laugh). Nevertheless, the stories we have heard so far all don't seem to be related to the GazettE's current pleasant advances at all (bitter smile). I wonder what the cause of the great break through was......

Shoxx Interview

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