I miss my school

Hey guys! I have finished my finals! ^▽^ Actually, I finished them two weeks ago but too lazy to post about it. ^^; I'm now waiting for the Graduation announcements and invitations which is on May 24th.

First of all, I want to say that for the first time in my life, I really miss school. I usually enjoy school holidays and weekends but now that I know I won't ever go back to school, I feel I wanna cry. (ó.ò) Now that I have finished my high school and have nothing to do at home, I wish I could turn back time.
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I really miss my teachers, friends, and great times with them. I still keep in touch with my best friends and meet them frequently, but I miss my teachers and classroom so badly. ;____; If I had a time machine, I'd turn the date back to when I was 15 and freshman in high school just to live it all over. I knew I'd miss it no matter how bad I wanted to graduate but.. is it normal to miss the school two weeks after you left? I think I love my school too much, no matter how many times I said I hated it.

I'm not ready for college, I may never be. (‾.‾”) I never want this holiday to end. I'm going to a College far from home so I have to stay in a dorm for about... 4 years until I graduate. *sobs* I'm not ready to leave my parents for such a long time.

You never really know the true value of a moment, until it becomes a memory - Spongebob

All right, that's such a pointless post. Thanks for reading it ¯∇¯;

Now give a decent comment, the first 6 person can request either a/an Wallpaper/iWall/eCard or icons. ≧◡≦

Finals ;___;

Wish me luck, Guys!! I'll be having school finals until 18th, after that I'll be taking requests ;) I'll graduate from high school. Seriously, holidaaaaayy!! I can't wait any longer. XD

I just read Naruto 627. And OMG!! I've been waiting for 7 f*cking years for this chapter!! (SPOILER ALERT) "I'm going to the battlefield, I won't let this village.. and my brother be wasted."
My reaction after reading that..
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And then..
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I have so much things to say about this chapter, but right now I can’t. Just.. my feels... I need to let it out. :')

Sorry for my randomness, Uh, I better go and study. ^^;;

PSU Banner Challenge!!

Hello guys, Happy Easter for those who celebrate!! ;)

Anyway, want to improve your Photoshop skills? Now there is a banner challenge for a new world called Photoshopers Unite! If you haven't known about that world, you should check it out. An awesome world, offering unique Photoshop tutorials, useful resources, tips, techniques, and more!

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I changed my world design! ˘▽˘ I wonder if anyone realizes it. XD

My premium membership expires today. (´_`。) After two years of being a premium member, I should get a six-month bonus, LOL! XD So, who wants free premium gifts for the last time from me?

I just finished my finals yesterday. I feel like a free bird now. ´◡`

Finally, I had time to hang out with my besties, we tried many new restaurant and went ice-skating for hours until my feet hurts. Then we arrived home at midnight, got scolded, but it was like the best day ever (though I spent a lot of money ‾.‾)

Anyway, does anyone know any image storage and sharing sites? I usually use photobucket but I just realized the maximum image size is too small (1 MB only).

Enjoy a random gif.

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First of all, Congratulations on the opening of the awesome Photoshop world, Kami-chan!! I feel honored to be one of the moderators there. ´◡`

PEOPLEEE.. Easter is coming! Let's Join the Easter Egg Hunt. External Image

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Today I had a physics practical exam.., It was such an epic fail. ^^;

That's all, that's all! Have a great day everyone. ^▽^