fireflies (parody)

theres vampies everywhere
its making me kind of scared
why the obsession with the living impaired
I really wish i knew
why everyones so into
twilight,vampire diaries,and true blood,too
i think it stared with buffy
but now its gotin a bit creepy

its like all i see when i turn on my t.v.
it makes it hared for me to fall alseep

cause vampires suck your blood
why do people thnk thats good
maybe i'm the first person to reval

ed cullen is not your friend
if you met your lives would end
all he'd see in you is a tasty(pase) meal

nobody sees the gravity
i'm scared that one will approach me
need wooden stakes and garlic cloves
and what other supplies
theres merchin dise,but theres not how to guides
i'm quit surprised

leave my lights on when i go to bed
(i'm scared of the living dead)
cause thoughts of vampires in my head
(what if the real ones havent fed)

mite have start sleeping in the day
(the sun will make them decay)
cause thats when real vampires go away

they've taken over everything
and now im wondering
is there some sort of equal rights campign
a glamour's on everyone
the vamps must think its fun
case people just think that there being entertained

i really wish i could forbid
all of these shows cause there morbid
but they'll keep making them because
the ratings are so high
untill someone get's bitten and they die
i'd rather stay alive