Inside the pre-Organization Oblivion world of my Kingdom Hearts OC, Rexikat

So, this would be the part where I say something witty about myself, give you some insight into my hidden depths, right? Well, it's not, and I won't. This is my world, where you play by my rules. You want to know more about me, read my story. But be warned: my story isn't one with a happy endings, or one of a passionate romance, or loveable friends. My story is one of hard work, realization, and, most importantly, nothingness. I'll start from the beginning, the day I became what I am...


Memories: Learning From the Best

I need to learn how to use my element better, this Spirit of the Tigress I possess. I can use it well enough to defend myself now, but I know there’s more to it. I need to be able to unlock my true powers, be able to use my power to its ...

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Memories: Behind the Curtain of the Night

I walk through the town, having cleared away all of the Heartless in the forest and graveyard. My Legato Melodies clink coldly along the cobblestones of the square. I look up to the sky, the full, pitted moon watching me from her resti...

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Memories: The Way It Ends

We walk down a moonlit path, full of happiness from our time in Christmastown. Giovanni shoves me playfully into a tree. I shove back, and we begin a mock fight. It ends when he grabs me from behind and lovingly nuzzles my cheek. I rel...

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In Memoriam

The soft rustle of the leaves was the only notable sound as she walked slowly through the cemetery, dragging a chain along the ground. The full moon was high in Halloween Town's sky, the eternal midnight somewhat comforting to the Nobody.

She was visiting her hometown one last time before leaving for Castle Oblivion, after having decided that an eternity of wandering was not what she wanted. Everything looked the same as she strolled into the town square. The same fountain still glowed an eerie green, the same cobblestones still clattered beneath her heels.

She still fit right in with the decor, her leather ensemble, black tattoos, and chains not much different from the local costume. A pair of vampyres passed her by with a polite nod, their dark rimmed eyes set in pale faces following her as she walked by.

Rexikat wondered how long it had been since anybody who would remember her lived here. 10 years? 20? She'd stopped caring about time long ago. Becoming nonexistent had completely erased her care for such mortal means of measurement. All that mattered now...was nothing, really.

Standing alone in the middle of the square, she re-wrapped her chain around her hand, staring impassively at her fingers. Nothing really mattered.


Walking through the quiet graveyard, she opened the creaky gate to Moonlight Hill, where so long ago, she had buried her friend and lover. She made her way over to the worn headstones, nothing more than slabs of rock set in the ground at the foot of the hill. With a soft rustle, she settled herself on the ground on their graves, the graves of Giovanni Garavisi and Dorian Hakoshiri.

Reaching out to stroke their headstones, as if they could feel the non-existent emotion she was trying to convey, Rexikat slipped into her mind, through the few precious memories that she had, back to a time when life was good, and emotions were taken for granted...