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Romance, action, Reader X Characters, mystery, gore/violence


Reader X America ~Preview~

It was almost noon and you were anxious for a break. The shop never had many customers around noon and it was Sunday to boot. You figured your boss wouldn't care if you rook your five minute break now. *ding* what! I never have customers! You thought as you walked behind the counter. You opened the note book with frustration at your lost break, and looked up at the man.

“Hello? What can I get you sir?” as you asked him his order, you noticed his light brown almost chestnut hair; you took note of his glasses as well. He seemed upbeat and yet confused.

“I want… What do you recommend?” He grinned with a large goofy look. His glasses slid down slightly too where you could see that his eyes were a deep blue. Wait! What?! This guy wants my opinion!?

~A/N: Work in progress! I hope ya guys like it when it's done!~