The Mediocrity of Ace O'Turney

Otakufic: The Mediocrity of Ace O'Turney

Welcome, friends. Welcome to the frightful and bizarre world of Downtown Otaku City, where ghouls and fiends wander the streets freely.

But only on alternate Thursdays after 10 P.M. Our story takes place around noon, in the lair of Dr. Shinmarustein. He's always up to some bizarre new invention that defies the will of about fifty different deities and nature itself. Should be interesting.


"NO! NOT THE THIRD SWITCH!" shouted Michigor in response, following the doctor's example in using all caps as cruise control for cool.


The switch was thrown, but no sooner had it been done than the entire laboratory went pitch black.

"Crud, not again," sighed Shin, "How am I supposed to give life to the ultimate moeblob anime character if we can't even afford a decent laboratory? We're in the friggin' basement of a 17th century European castle using faulty electricity gathered from lightning bolts! What I wouldn't give for a nice genetics lab at Otaku U."

Michi lit a match, then looked down at Shin's creation. It was Minami Haruka with red hair dressed in a maid outfit and wearing Kamina sunglasses and a cowbell around her neck.

"You know, it seems like you could have tried a little harder. It seems like all you did was dye her hair and change her clothes. And the cowbell is really unnecessary."

"Nonsense," replied Shin, "if there's anything science has taught us, it's that everything needs more cowbell."

"You're confusing science with Will Ferrel again, Boss."


..Uh, yikes. Maybe we should check out some other place for now. Let me whisk you off to another place, where you don't need to ponder why Shin is changing the clothing of fictional female schoolgirls. Let us adjourn to...