hey guyss. ummm, i guess i made this worls for me to...rant and stuff. maybe post a few poems. some art? no...no art. that would be embarrasing XD

so stick around if ya wanna hear all the horror stories of my life :D

see ya around.


stupid english

heyy guys first post yay!

i just typed the longest thing ever but i forgot to put a title so i have to type it again

anyway how r u guys doing? i just had breakfast, yah i know in know a little late for breakfast, but i just got up. we have today off because of PT conferences. i've been listening to american boy by estelle for the last hour on repeat. i sear its gonna be stuck in my head for the rest of the year :D. i'll sing it at school and annoy my friends. im like the only one of my friends whos not in honors english. they said that theyd let me tranfer if i proved myself, so i'll just keep writing and writing till the let me in! i'll drive them crazy :p. i dont think i can handle honors tho. regular is tough for me. i mean, im not bad at literature or anything, i just dont get the concept o fbeing graded down because u didnt head ur paper right.

anyway, i wrote a poem the other day for english. we're studying everything japanese right now. except for math. hey , at least im in honors math, right! anyway, haha we're studying manga and those japanese ink drawings in art right now. instant A woot! my junior high's fun like that. the sevvie are getting a little anoying tho. in english we're writing haikus. this is the one i wrote

i didnt realize
that you werent an angel
till i watched you fall

s'okay. still need to improve! i'll mob them haikus till they break under the weight of all that paper! lol.

anyway, see ya all later.

hey look what i found lol. i think the artist is prodigybombay from da?

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