The Gush Ep. 1: Battle of Eientei

Long time, no smell

Man, it has been FAR TOO long since I've messed with this old project of mine.
Last time I was supposed to do an FoF, it was FLCL Week in like 2021 I think.

My big problem is that I always want to sink so many hours into these FoFs so that they are perfect and encapsulate every possible thought and idea in one gigantic post. Not only is that not the most feasible thing to do considering my schedule, spontaneous adventures, and subsequent exhaustion, but I doubt anyone is willing to just sit down and read 5K words from little-ol' me. I'll be honest, if I see a long post on here, I'll either skim or it read it in then I forget to comment.

I'm rambling.

And that's what this thing is going to combat...Sorta.
Instead of meticulously breaking everything down with a drawn-out prologue and chaptered sections, I'm just going to gush...and that's what this is called...The Gush.

I'm going to merely type out, with no structure, my fascination with something. And nothing is more worthy to gush about than a fandom that I've been slowly getting into for the past decade or so...Touhou Project.

Let's gush at my favorite piece of Touhou content online, "Battle of Eientei" an action MMD created by Kobe_495 reposted on YouTube and

This is probably my favorite thing on YouTube and about Touhou/Touhou Project.

First off, the song is titled "Far Too Close" (Pegboard Nerds Remix; Nightcore/T.Resh Remix) by J. Viewz. Unfortunately, the remixes that I have found online do not sound the exact same...I believe that the pitch and speed was edited to specifically fit this video in a way that I can't hear in the original song.

Don't get me wrong, this song in its other iterations is still a banger.

I'm not going to explain everything, but for those that aren't too familiar with the enigmatic and ever-changing "Touhou/Touhou Project," this video revolves around Marisa Kirisame, the witch in black, who is characterized as a a mischievous, book-stealing magician spotting out favorite Psyonic Gun-Bunny Reisen Undongein Inaba and Devious Prankster Rabbit Tewi Inaba carrying magical books through a forest back to Eientei.

Reisen detects Marisa's thievery, and a large battle ensues with Marisa being bested by Tewi.

After Marisa's defeat and capture, the hero of the Touhou Project, the Beloved Shrine Maiden of Dreams Reimu Hakurei enters the frame...dripping with Protagonist she challenged the Pharmaceutical Archer Eirin Yagokoro and Kaguya Houraisan of Eientei, who also is being challenged by her lifelong rival Fujiwara no Mokou.

What I love about this MMD is how perfectly it synchs with the music, I love how detailed and consistent the character models are, the action is spectacular, and the animation is something that rivals most cartoons and anime of the time. I have watched this MMD hundreds of times and I always find new little details and references in the action.

Choosing "Touhou" isn't really the best thing to Gush about initially since that is such a loaded and complex entity to tackle, and even I know scathingly little about "Touhou." Dare I say, it's lore and endless encyclopedia of character, culture, music, games (most of them fan-made), and references in outside media make "Kingdom Hearts" look benign and easily comprehensive, but that's fine. I just wanted to share this with you.