I Don't Make Sense

Ai'ght, so boom...

I just don't make sense with the things I do.

I have had so many things pass by that I wanted to do, and all year long I've been preoccupied (lazy) with other things and pushed them to the side.

But now...for some reason right NOW... when I'm about to hit a really intense period in my job I suddenly had the urge to start trying the things I've been avoiding for so long.
In terms of anime, I for some reason got the urge to finish the last two episodes of S1 of ACSR the other day and I binge-watched up to Episode 10 of S2 (but now Crunchyroll is acting up and won't let me finish Episode 10 for some damn reason). Right behind that, I finally have the urge to watch Demon Slayer because I have been seeing it literally EVERYWHERE.

In terms of the projects I pushed to the side, I am WAY past due on my FLCL Week post from last year...I planned on doing it over the holidays, but that ended up obviously not happening. The major points for said post are highlighted and written down, I just haven't fully fleshed them out into a long postyet. I keep saying I'll do it over a weekend or two, but things just keep popping up and then I end up not doing anything b/c I'm so damn tired (half of it I do to myself, but let's just casually ignore that).

I was also supposed to do my "What I Like About/Series Study" for School Rumble, but the reason I didn't do it was because as I was going through my DVDs of the series, I realized that OVA 3 (which happens to be my favorite part of School Rumble) was REALLY hard to come by and only had a Japanese Sub, so I ordered it and had it sent to my dad's...and I didn't collect it until the holidays. By that time it had been so long since I actually watched the entire series that I decided to scrap the whole thing. If I'm going to do a deep analysis like that, I'd prefer to do it while the experience of watching the show is still hot and fresh in my mind. I end up casually watching it anyways, so maybe I will get to it eventually.

Finally, since this year is the 20th anniversary of my #1 favorite obsession that is Kingdom Hearts, I was thinking about doing something for it, but I honestly will not have the time or energy at this rate.
Hopefully the job won't be TOO stressful and crazy to where I will just shutdown on the weekends, and maybe I might actually get some of these things done...


Anyways, cheers!!