Stay In Character Meme 2

This time I'll do Aika, since I've been drawing him a lot.

-Stolen from kita mikcihi0
1. Pick a character, stay in character
2. Make them answer the questions
3. Tag some peeps

Aika C. Exar
Age: 13
Series: Yu Yu Hakusho

1. Interviewer: Have any siblings? (half siblings and stepsiblings count)
Aika: None.

2. Interviewer: How many members do you know are in your family tree?
Aika: Me, myself, and I.
(He has an older step-sister)

3. Interviewer: What is your favorite game?
Aika: I skate, does that count?

4. Interviewer: How is your love life?
Aika: Meh. Not important to me.

5. Interviewer: Do you have any royal blood?
Aika: Not at all

6. Interviewer: If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would you meet?
Aika: That's a good question, but I don't have any answer. Maybe my past life, that'd be interesting.

7. Interviewer: What is your favorite movie?
Aika: Hellboy is so badass!

8. Interviewer: Have any secrets?
Aika: ...I smoke under the bridge sometimes...

9. Interviewer: Creepiest experience?
Aika: One time I punched something so hard that my hand got shriveled up and bent outta shape

10. Interviewer: Who is the most annoying person you have ever met?
Aika: *Grumbles* Dumb sister.

11. Interviewer: Do you go on social media?
Aika: Every now and again...

12. Interviewer: If you're in a relationship who kissed who first :3? (If you haven't kissed that's ok)
Aika: Not applicable

13. Interviewer: Anyone you have or had a crush on?
Aika: There was this one girl...years ago...but that ain't workin' out.

14. Interviewer: What's the most embarrassing thing you've done?
Aika: Got into a fight in front of someone that I didn't want to see me be violent

15. Interviewer: Are you married?
Aika: No.

16. Interviewer: What's your favorite place to be with your partner/friend?
Aika: That time when Kile and I trained in the mountains was really cool.

17. Interviewer: Who's the person you hate the most?
Aika: *Grumbles* Stupid principal...

18. Interviewer: What's your favorite food?
Aika: Beef jerky

19. Interviewer: What's your favorite weapon?
Aika: Myself

20. Interviewer: What's your favorite prank to pull?
Aika: Head Smack...You skate past someone and whack 'em on the head.

21. Interviewer: Who's your favorite among your team?
Aika: Alaxastar is really cool. I can't believe that's Kile's apprentice!

22. Interviewer: Is anyone like a rival to you?
Aika: Nobody in particular

23. Interviewer: Favorite celebrity?
Aika: Do bands count?

24. Interviewer: Got in any fights?
Aika: Plenty

25. Interviewer: Anything to say to anyone reading this?
Aika: Later, bitch *walks out*