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Life imitates Art

Do you have a series that just makes you nerd out?
Have a favorite video-game (series) that you know from top to bottom?
Is there something that gives you a nostalgic feeling that always makes you happy or excited?

Then you're welcome to let your craziest fandoms free, for we have the Feats of Fandom.

This can be your home for all of your news updates, fan-works, cosplays, theories, merchandise and more.

Enjoy yourselves and remember to never forsake your fandom.

My Fandoms:


  • FLCL (Fooly Cooly) -Top Fandom
  • Baka & Test
  • School Rumble
  • Spice & Wolf
  • IGPX
  • Code Lyoko

Video Games
Kingdom Hearts -Top Fandom
Megaman (X, Zero, NT Warrior)

FLCL Week 2020 (Part 3 of 3)

FLCL: Alternative Musical Breakdown Last but not least we have FLCL: Alternative, season 3 of the series. While I will state that season 3 still pales in comparison ...

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FLCL Week 2020 (Part 2 of 3)

FLCL: Progressive Musical Breakdown It would be foolish for me to even attempt to discuss Season 2 and Season 3 of FLCL without addressing the elephant-sized Medical...

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FLCL Week 2020 (Part 1 of 3)

This year my annual re-watch of FLCL was going to focus on the music, and for a while I was confused as to how I was going to go about studying the music since I personally have a very limited understanding about music. Personally, I know a surfac...

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2019 FOF Project

FOF Project 2019 Every year I try to dedicate the first week of June to my passions. This tradition started back in high school when I first saw FLCL, which is now my favorite a...

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2019 FOF Updates (Vote?!)

Long time no chat ladies and gents, I've been busy and probably so have you, but let's get a quick update out the way.

I've had a few plans for creative works that I wanted to do this year, and with school still being a thing and all of the after-effects of that which will roll in this summer I wanted to give an update on what is to come, or at the very least what my plans are for now before the latter half of school is over.

I had a gargantuan project I wanted to do for FLCL week this year but unfortunately I haven't been able to start the final phase of actually drafting it. It was supposed to not just be FLCL but a bunch of other series that I wanted to meld into an all-encompassing "study." I still have a general idea of what it's going to be, but the time I was going to dedicate to working on it which was my Spring Break got reallocated towards more schoolwork.

Likewise, my next chance to do anything regarding this project or anything else would likely be the beginning of the summer, so if plans don't change I may actually still have time to get it out before the first week of June. If not I can spread out the effort throughout the entire summer since I'll have a lot more time to myself; not taking summer classes is nice, too.

Other than that I was thinking of posting some KH related stuff or finishing that damned Fan-Comic that I started a while back.
I've resolved that those aren't really my style, but I liked the fact that I at least tried.
However the big problem is I haven't even finished KH III and it's been about 3 months since the game has been out! I've had to duck and dodge spoilers like mad!! Plus I've been having issues with my gaming system since I don't have it while I'm at school and I've been having problems getting save data so every time I play on a new system I damn-near have to start over from scratch and I wasn't going to do that.

The little time I did play over my Spring Break was definitely not for KH III because I would have just been playing over the intro and getting nowhere. Hopefully if I get more time in the summer I'll split up playing KH III with another project. But if not I can wait another...5 months, but I don't want to!!!

I did a PGR-thing a few months back and I was thinking about when to do the next chapters of that but I haven't decided, so this is where you come in:

I would really like to have my traditional FLCL Week project set in stone, but if anyone is even remotely interested in other FOFs that I could do in the meantime, please let me know. Hell, I can even do requests.

Here's a list of smaller FOFs that I could probably do in lieu of one giant project and if any of 'em seem interesting, just let me know:

- Film Study of (*insert movie*)
- An Explanation of my MegaMan Fandom
- Horror Stories I've worked on
- Character Analysis of (*insert anime character*)
- The Appeal of Sex in Studio GAINAX + Trigger Anime
- The Difference Between Fandom & Consumerism
- The Language Barrier in Anime/Media
- My Rant of the Decline of Rap Music over the years
- Post more "The Adventures of Hideki" chapters
- The Big RWBY/Rooster Teeth Dilemma

I know life gets hectic, but I hope we can have fun sometime.
I miss doing things like this and I'd really love to share it with y'all.
Reminds me of the good ol' days

Be safe out there and see ya soon!