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The Gush Ep. 2: Black Lagoon Getting A Mobile Game?!

According to Crunchyroll, this is a real thing.


I am gushing over this right now.
I haven't talked about "Black Lagoon" too much on here, but if anyone knows me, they know how much I LOVE "Black Lagoon."

Thought about doing a deep dive into this series and talking about the many different things I love about this, but obviously that hasn't come to pass.

Ya boy is giddy as a school-boy with this possibility.

Apparently it is not expected to released globally--hopefully as time goes on it will be released for international audiences. Considering how diverse and expansive "Black Lagoon" is in how it takes characters from around the globe and puts them in one locale, it would be fairly reasonable to expect that something like this would be available across the globe.

If I get a chance to team up with my waifu Balalaika, I am gonna flip!

Just had to gush about that.

Until 4

I'm Worried

I think this is about to be another repeat

I write this just before Season 4 of FLCL drops, and I'm sorry, I love FLCL, but I'm worried that they're about to screw it up again.

This is a repeat of what happened with Seasons 2 and 3.
It was announced a year out with absolutely no update leading up to it.
Suddenly, right before the seasons are supposed to drop, they release very short trailers.

I watched the FLCL: Grunge trailer a few weeks ago, and it looks eerily similar to season 1, but the art style is a drastic change.

If season 4 and 5 don't live up to the hype, I think they should just leave FLCL alone.

Season 2 and 3 being what they were was a tough pill to swallow, but if they take another bite at the apple and fail again, it'll seem as if they're just pulling back to FLCL as a cash-grab and nothing more.

Or maybe they're just keeping the property open as a testing ground for new artists/animators...that'd be interesting.

Forgive me for doing this very impromptu and with no research, I just had to get that out before the episodes drop.

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