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I like to post anything i found funny, important, or just something that caught my attention here :D


A lot of people are doing this meme lately XD
so i might go with the flow~

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short details:
January--> got a little interested in cging in gimp
February--> shifted to traditional coloring XD
March--> got a hold with the superpower of tablet pen and discovered the world of sai
April--> into cging with watercolor style
May and June--> we move here in the U. S. so no internet and computer by that time XD
July--> back on cging again but started discovering some new techniques in sai like the folder thingy XD
August--> discovered the combine power of sai and gimp
September--> attempted to paint a full bg picture
October--> did the same thing in september
November--> tried monochromatic style which was addicting X3
December--> back on pencil art XD, currently started some new style of shading, particularly in the hair and the dress :3

now into 2011!!!
i'll try to improve my style and try to avoid some bad habits in drawing




with the help of my supah buddy nica *v*

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*mine's left XD*


2.) my awesome buddy nica~~ she's way cuter than that XD
3.) lulz, i'm starting to ditch my OCs *shot*
4.) yup-yup, did you see her epic animations, oh men~~
5.) [link] ahaha~ i forgot to put the awesome island i'm really forgetful XD and it's animated
6.) we did an art giftie than art trade lulz XD, my prussia doll is a fail
7.) take this orange, i will avenge apple XD, jk jk
8.) 1-->wish i could erase that
2--> stolen from my notebook, it's sooo darn difficult
3-->no offense curry luvers, i'm allergic to curry powders...they make my face swell... so it's just from a perspective of a person who's allergic to curry powder
9.) haha fusssssiiioooooonnn


60 question meme XD

lol, sorry for spamming your update box, i'm really bored... XD

copy paste from ryuu chan :3

Are you wearing a hat?
not really...

Bottled water: yes or no?
bottled water easy to carry

Do you have a crush on someone right now?

What kind of laptop do you have?

Do you prefer writing with pen or pencil?
pencil, i'm not that organize on my notes...

Who was the last text message in your phone?

Whats your favorite season?
summer, NO CLASS

Does your best friend have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
yep formally, she just broke out with him, pffffff... what a waste... they look cute together though...
(don't tell her i said that)

Do you like them?

Favorite radio station?
i don't remember the name of the station, i usually randomly turned it on and listened to what is up to..

Type your name into Google, whats the first thing that comes up?
San Francisco Bay Area - Veterinary Assistant at Peninsula Humane Society...
uhmmm...yeah O.O

Whats your favorite song at the moment?
"The Show" by Lenka--- can't help it it's sooo catchy...

Coke or Pepsi?
i like orange juice...*w*

Favorite subject in school?
History...(because of hetalia...=w=)

Last concert?
idk, i can't remember >.<

Next concert?
uhmmm, paramore?

Last magazine you bought?
FOOD--- i luv magazine about foods...XD

Last book you read?
lightning thief percy jackson---but didn't finish it... i'm bored with books w/o any pictures...

Do you prefer cats or dogs?

Is there someone you want to punch right now?
0.0...no one...

Favorite sports team?
CARDINALS BASEBALL TEAM!!---> lol, my dad's constantly watching their game...so he kinda drag me into his fandomness...

State you most want to visit?

Are you a facebook addict?
i have one, but i'm not active...

When do you shower?
before goin to bed and at the morning before school...

Whats your dream job?
interior designer >w<

What kind of car do you drive?
for behind the wheels?? CHEVY!!

What word in the dictionary best describes you?
tiny...i'm small...

Lights on or off?
on, sorry can't sleep if our light's off...

Are you a better listener or talker?
lol, talker...i can talk and annoy you at the same time..>X3

Do you care about who wins the election?
not really...politician flooding the tv with their commercials...

Who was the most popular kid in 7th grade?
idk i'm in high school now...

Are you afraid of ghosts?
gyuhuhu...when i'm all alone in the house i keep imagining things, and i get freaked out... :V

Is there something lacking in your life right now?
ice cream...

What do you miss most about childhood?
unlimited tv time and story telling time...ah.. old days *v*

How many times did it take you to pass your drivers test?
haven't taken it yet...probably on summer...ickkk...test on summer?

Do you drink alcohol?

Do you do drugs?

Are you a good liar?
sometimes, yeah, but i usually get caught...

Can you cook?
fried spam... XD

Are you a cheapskate?

What would you do with a million dollars?
share it to everybody~~

Have you ever been to Disneyworld?
unfortunately not...

How much time do you spend online?
almost 3/4 of my life

Last time you went bowling?

Hot or cold weather?
idk, i like in between, i'm used to hot weather though

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Are you a shop-a-holic?
on clearance sale, yup...

Where were you yesterday at 10:30?
at our kitchen, eating breakfast X3

Are you afraid of the dentist?

Do you make wishes at 11:11?
nope, but amma try it ;3

Do you trust people?
my sister, and my best friend

Who was the last person in your bedroom?
my sister, she's fixing my clothes

Be honest, do you generally like people
yep, but not in making speeches kind of thing...

Would you rather smile over a lie or cry over the truth?
idk, i'm not good at these...

Who was the last person you got into an argument with?
my sister, she ate my cake in the fridge, sooo yeah, sister fight over the cake...but we're cool now *u*

If you could move away, no questions asked, where would you move?

Does it take a lot to make you cry?
yep, i think i was 9 since i last cried...not really an emotional kind of person

What was your last text message about?
where i am... i got lost...we went to the Gate way arc earlier...

Whats your first thought when your alarm goes off?
i want to sleep more...

Did you like this survey?
yep, it killed my boredom :3

again, no tags. anyone who wants to do this can~

random meme

i stole another meme
from HanakoAnimeaddict



Do not repeat answers.
Tag TEN people once you are done.
Answer the questions truthfully.

++++yoooossssshhhh letthefunbegin++++

ONE thing you wish for.

~no more public speaking XD---we have to make another one next week... amma die...

TWO confessions.

~ i ate my sister's chocolate cake in the fridge---choco craving XD
~ i didn't finish my homeworks XD---have to finish them by tomorrow

THREE best friends.

~Rosel-chan *huggles*
~Nica(lol, my faithful hetalia buddy)
~Ryuu-chan *glompppsssuuu*

FOUR random thoughts.

*i'm the master of randomness*

~homeworks sucks...
~my teddy bear have a brown t-shirt XD
~extraterrestrial beings are real (i wish they were XD)
~i ♥ lambo

FIVE favorite colors.

~lime green

SIX things that bug you.

~i hate driving---....
~my dad's crazy cooking
~who's the tissue girl on episode 80 of hetalia?
~i lost my pencil XD
~i miss my cat...
~ i have to go to school tomorrow...and get up early, orz

SEVEN quotes or conversations.

~"there's alot of boobies"---from lambo in KHR XD
~"the awesome me!"---prussia *lol, all hail prussia*
~"i am hero!"---america XD
~"kolkolkolkolkol"---russia's freaky laugh XD
~"all things came from me!"---korea ah i love his hair~~
~"veeeee~"---italy >:3
*5 out of 7 are all from hetalia*

EIGHT things you've learned.

~i luv pudding
~my sister snores when she's sleeping XD
~i hate math
~cooking is hard
~it's going to rain tomorrow, i have to bring my umbrella...
~i have to practice my spanish >:3
~i have to study for our midterm this week
~orange juice is awesome

NINE things you love.

~my teddy bear
~my computer
~my tablet
~our tv
~milano cookies...
~and all the people who are reading these XD*is that okay?*

TEN people you will tag.

~Ryuu chan
~*and anyone who wants to steal this meme*


pikamerica for ya!!

have a nice day!!!

another awesome MEME~~

found another one~~

stolen from King-sama
(you really like stealing things XD)

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1. I used my main oc Aya~~
2. uuuhhhh~~Akira Amano and Himaruya-sama!!*still have hetavirus*
3. not really a fan of shoujo arts...
4. disney... ahhh, i really luv disney pictures but for some reason i can't draw the that good...
5. i really tried my best, but this pisture really creeps me out...~_~
6. Pokemon... luv the style
7. ahhh my buddies check them out
nica624---luv her neat coloring style~~
ryuu-chan---she's very awesome, especially on cell shading~~
CreamyTea---kyuuuu~~ luv her cute drawing style~~

meme by the awesome Goku-chan