Hello, I am Exotahu. I like rain.
I am 18.
I play Yu-Gi-Oh! A lot.
I like anime. A lot.
I like to bowl.
I take pictures. Find some of them here:

This is me:
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There is far more to me than this.

But you need not know any of that.

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The End of an Empire.


Let's see, I've officially started college at Onondaga Community College. It's kinda nice, they sell pretty kickass hotdogs. It remains to be seen if I can eat them and not get sick. I have an online class, that's pretty trippy. I got a couple computer classes. Foundations of the Internet is looking up to be my favorite class. I've met some cool people too. Book prices broke my brain pretty much, oh well though. I think... I think I am gonna like this.

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! world...

New format change which means new banlist. Also with the release of American Synchros and Tuners. It's gonna be interesting. I built a new deck, but I got no idea how it will run, guess I gotta test that out Sunday. I still need another Malicious and some D-Draw. Bah, damned never ending card quests.

Went to Otakon too. This was pretty awesome. Got screwed out of some things cause panels filled, but I still had an awesome time. Saw some pretty cool cosplay. Then went to Silver Springs to hang out with teh Tory. Fun fun times.

Ah, what else...

Oh, by the way, I'm leaving myOtaku/theOtaku. This will be my last post. I have me reasons for leaving, but that's no fun. I've found some interesting people and we has some fun times (And not so fun times, but hey, it happens right). Hell, I even found love. It's been a fun five years and I'll never forget this place, that's for sure. Good luck to y'all in whatever you do.

"I won't say anything like 'Later my friends!' I'm off, you all!" Y'all will figure out where that came from.

This post is going to be a bitchrant.

Another warning, this is gonna be full of bitching and TMI.

You've been warned.

Here we go.

Okay, So I woke up today with OMFGWTF PAIN in my side. Had to go to urgent care Yea, That was 7 AM. I had gone to bed at 5 AM.

The receptionists were really slow. It was only one other person there.
There were three booths open, but they were all "WAIT FOR THE ONE THAT'S BUSY LOL" I was not happy. They started moving one I started throwing up all over the bathroom. (I couldn't exactly bend over)

Then I had to go through tests and get an IV.

CAT scan, X-Ray, blood test, urine test (This was a bit unnerving cause I pee'd blood)

They had to give me Morphine.

And then some other drug (This was the best. Pain gone in minutes)

Kidney stone. I has it. Fuck.

Now I got pills to take (Including VICODEN) and I gotta pee through a filter.

Then I came home, took pills and passed out.

This does not make for a happy Exo.



I am at it


Okay, today, at the card store I go to, They added some old/bad pack into the 99 cent bin.

So I decide to show the old pack trick, I pull Painful Choice and this guy freaks out. Then he goes and does it, pulls Nobleman of Crossout. Another friend of mine goes up and grabs three. He can only buy 2. So I pick one at random from his hand. He pulls duds, I pull Axe of Despair, AND the pack has 11 cards in it.

Oh yea.

And then later, I was facing this guy and he hates my luck. He went through 28 cards unable to clear marshmallon. Then when he does, I'm somewhat screwed (BTW, He's at 600, me at 4000 lacking useful cards to his field of Ehren and something else. He's PISSED.)

I top PoA. He's all sarcastic "You'll be awesome and topdeck Cyber Dragon and Caius"

I look at the first draw, Caius. The second, Cyber Dragon.

Oh yea. pretty sweet.



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Pretty freaking sweet.