Current event - Secret Santa! 2021

Important dates!

Sign ups close December 10th

Wish lists due as soon as possible please!

Parings will be done on the 12th

Drawings can be posted as early as 20th, but deadline to have them all in is January 10th


and with that we had a successful event! if anyone has not gotten there ss let me know please! I was wondering then if anyone would like to do a summer secret santa? if so let me know!

Sub santas

Just in case because I know it happens I will be a sub and I need one more to fill it if someone back make it

Waiting on one more

Waiting on one more person for a wishlist then I will start the pairings! keep a look out for a message from me

Sign ups for 2021 List

Secret Santa 2021 sign ups! list below! will be updated as wishlists come in or more sign up!

CrazyoldReb: wishlist

S M Pendragon : wishlist

BlueVangarud: wishlist

Moonfini : wishlist

Vellatra: wishlist

Keba Si Rota : wishlist

HametsuKuro : wishlist

Sora Ligune : wishlist


This event was kinda a bust. I dont know if trying another next year is even worth it. we are missing a majority of our gifts. I never got mine. So all in all. this was not a good event at all. Kinda disappointed guys. If you bit too much off then you could chew. you should have messaged me so I could come up with a solution.