Oh my... I haven't been on here since the end of my sophmore year So it's been like, an entire year xD Well, I've returned and I shall be posting stuffs so keep an eye out for those who like my art~


Dying Love

You knew I loved you,
That'd I'd always be there,
That I would always trust you,
That you were my air,
I needed you to live,
I needed someone to survive,
You were my life,
Forever inside.
Always in my heart,
There you'll always be,
Even though you broke it,
My life has changed in me.
You lied,
And left.
But I will always love you,
Beyond my own death.
I told you these things,
They're the truth through and through,
But you could never love me.
I wasn't anything to you.

-Danni Lestat ((A True Story....))


I trusted you, I told you things,
I told you my life, and I let you in,
Into my mind, Into my life,
Into my soul, and into my heart;
And eachtime you came, a part of me healed,
More secure, more stong,
But what I didn't heed....
Was that it wasn't strength,
You were not healing me,
It wasn't the goodness,
A light,
Of one that was pure.
I was weakening, Darkening,
My whole outlook on life,
It was all turned around,
With the presence of your life.
Of your exsistance, Of your soul,
Of your heart, each part of you cold.
I'm not one to judge, I'm not one to assume,
But when I don't see the truth, That's all in the gloom.
That's all that exsists, nothing more, nothing less.
Just more lies, more questions,
More things unanswered, more things misunderstood.
Only you can change this, Only you can make repairs,
I will remain forever... even if you're never there.


Inside me...
My entire body....
Forcing ...
The feelings...
My soul....
Tossing it....
Explosion occurs...
Inside of me...
My entity....
Will it end?
Will it go?
Is it here,
to stay,
Please say no....
I can not stand,
What I do,
When it comes,
When it happens,
When it's done....
Blood on my hands,
In my mouth,
On my face,
The blade in my palm,
The destruction done once again,
Once I wake,
Hopefuly never again....


Walking down the hallways,
Empty, all alone...
Lost amongst the shadows,
The posters have been blown,
Walls are blank,
Floors are clear,
No one but me,
Exists here,
Dreary feelings of depression,
Of my loss,
Of regression,
Temper and anger building inside,
My loneliness,
All tossed aside,
Allowing hate to grow and grow,
One day I'll break,
Because of you,
From leaving me all alone.