PGR Sssh Santa Wish List!

Ssssh! :3

*very excited*


  • Estelle & Gyen together as Mr. and Mrs. Claus
  • Estelle chibified giving SS a kiss on the cheek under mistletoe
  • Gyen biting SS (kinda like sucking blood ^__^)
  • Estelle, Aurellia & Auriol enjoying Christmas/Snow
  • Gyen looking sessy *smirks*
  • Estelle possible pairing! (Just a fun thing to see who you see her being with XD)
  • Gyen possible pairing! :D
  • Gyen & Delin doing something duo-ish
  • PGR STARISH together ^__^


  • Miku Hatsune the Vocaliod
  • Audino Pokemon
  • Uta no Prince Sama STARISH

~ Please make this BEAUTIFUL image of Estelle into a avatar for my profile! Clicky for picture!

Have fun with it~!