15 VS 19

Nae here!
Estelle is taking a cat nap, so since I'm writing about her, I'm using her world. ^^

I was reading old stories including Estelle and I realized there a HUGE difference between the fifteen/sixteen year old Estelle and the Estelle now. Lemme break it down.

Back then Estelle some to talk slightly improper, compared to now, where she's all about the grammar and punctuation. There were more conjuctions used back then, now there's less of that.

She still has that "El" side of her, but it's more controlled now. That "El" side of her would give her SUCH a potty mouth at 16 but now that she's more calm and collected, curse words and swears are hardly used when she's mad.

The slight of a lot of blood being shed still makes her go a bit crazy in the head, hence the post of her murdering.

As a young teenager, she acted more of.. well a Teenager! Now being 19 and soon to be a young adult in her 20s, sure more mature, but there ARE times where she could still act like a young teenager. The fact that she still puffs out her cheeks, stubborn to admit certain things like jealousy or a crush, and oblivious to other things show that she's still a little young minded.

I never realized how much of a change there was, so I thought I should just explain the changes. ^^

Ah! Looks like she's waking up!

Well that's all I wanted to explain!

See ya later! *waves and runs away*