Encounters (I need your help!)

Hello, everyone. Estelle, here. =^^=
It has been brought to my attention that I share many weak relationships with the fellow residents in the mansion. I will not point any fingers to the one to blame... *glares and Nae*

Nae: .... OTL

Estelle: *shakes head* But I, myself, am willing to correct this problem! Unfortunately, I do not recall if I have met ALL of you. According to the various "relationship maps" Miss Nae has read to me, there is fairly a number of you that I have not met, and a number of you that I have met but have not spoken to in quite some time. Miss Nae is not sure if those "relationship maps" are up to date, so this is where I require your help! Please tell me if we've met! If so, do explain in detail our encounters! That would help me greatly. ^^

Arigatou gozaimasu!

<3 Estelle