Personal Relationships (Relationship Map)

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Nyarth: Younger brother by Blood. They first met over 3 years ago, and found out they were related much time later. She feels protective of him and she loves how adorable he is. Unfortunately, she never wants Nyarth to grow up. If she sees him doing something "adult-like", she tends to panic and over-react. She loves her "Little Nyarthy"

Lux: Childhood friend. Estelle's currently very much in love with Lux and has been for many years. Lux is her first love. She calls Lux "Lux-kun" due to her knowing him from childhood days. Right now, due to many things happening, she does not know where they stand.

Xio: Estelle doesn't talk to Xio as much because she feels as if he is a dark, mysterious, and sexually evil man. Due to him teasing her, she decided to avoid him at all cost. Although that is her feelings towards him, she also believes he is very strong and would love to train with him.

Krory: Acquaintance. Estelle feels as if Krory was odd for acting the way she did about seeing naked women parts, but always thought it was just a shy part of her. She’s her as a strong woman.
Shupple: Club companion for many years. Shupple and Estelle does not speak as much but they have known each other since the creation of the mansion. The two are complete opposites when it comes down to natures so it's obvious why they aren't that close. However, Estelle enjoys Shupple's presence but wouldn't consider her as a best friend just yet.

Tanner: Former Best Friend. She finally realised she loved Tanner, but since the feelings are no longer mutual, she is now confused to what should happen next: Give up on her love for Tanner, so she won’t get even more hurt than she is now, or continue to fight to get his love back?

Delin: Friend. She and Delin shared a warm conversation and now she views him to be a very kind man.

Haxlia: Friend. She loves the way Haxlia was there for her during battle. Estelle thinks Haxlia is amazingly beautiful and skillful.

Kiki: Acquaintance. They have met before but share little conversations with. Estelle sees her as a possible dance companion.

Maura: Acquaintance. Met but shared only a few conversations. Estelle sees her to be quite similar to Lupe.

Raimundo: Befriended. Raimundo and Estelle haven't shared that many conversations but she is very fond of him, due to the fact he is a Raichu. If encounter, she would always greet him with a smile.

Mist: Acquaintance. Estelle likes Mist for who she is, for they share similar qualities and believe they could get along very well. Potential best friend status, but shared little to no conversation.

Chandacy: Acquaintance. They didn’t share that many conversations, but Estelle was deeply sad when Chandacy lost her life.

Kiiro: Acquaintance. Only spoke to her once, on the boat, about Nyarth’s whereabouts.

Ewan: Acquaintance. Views Ewan to be a nice young man.

Hideki: Acquaintance. Estelle sees Hideki as a strong individual, due to her knowing he split the boat in half.

Lupe: Adopted sister and best friend. Like ying and yang, they are COMPLETELY opposite but they can't stay away from each other. They meet when Estelle was around 5 or 6 and been living with each other and dodging bounty hunters ever since, along with Faye the Frolass.

Fiona: Acquaintance. Only knows her because she was on Estelle’s team.

Gyen: Never Encountered (In PGR)

Clair: Never Encountered (In PGR)

Silas: Never Encountered (In PGR)

Aero: Never Encountered (In PGR)

Pelliccia: Never Encountered (In PGR)

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