The Roses

The season of fall was slowing approaching the earth. I wore a warm snuggled robe and slippers as I stood on my balcony. The cool morning Autumn breeze kissed my cheeks as it spoke unheard whispers with its howl. Sipping my warm milk from my milktanks mug. It was such beautiful weather.

Looking over to the greenhouse, I wondered how my flowers were doing, its been so long..
I took off my slippers and slipped on outside shoes. I then walked out of my room, waving good morning to everyone, and walked out the front door, making my way to the lovely greenhouse. Opening the door slowly and carefully, I glared at the sparkling flowers. Sprinkled with gleaming water droplets, I could tell someone else was in here. Making my way pass the carnations, all the types of lilies, the center pond covered in lily pads and other water flowers, and daisies, smiling, I stopped in front of my most favorite bunch; the roses.

"Hello my friends. Looking beautiful as always" I kneeled infront of the yellow roses. "My, how sweet you look. Are you as sweet as you smell than you look?" I inhaled the rose's breathtaking aroma. The scent sent tingles down my spine. "Of course you do..."

"...O...Onee-Chan?" Said a small tired voice. I turned my head to see my adorable little brother in his pjs, rubbing his eyes. I stood up and smiled.

"Why, good morning to you, Nyarth." I told him. He nodded his head, still rubbing his eyes.

"Good morning... What is this place, nya?" he asked, still in a tired voice.

"This is called a greenhouse. It's a special house that keep plants healthy and save from freezing weather." I replied. I signaled him to come closer. "Come here." As he walked over to me, with a bunny in his hands, he awed at all the amazing gems in the scenery. I smiled more once I saw his eyes widen as soon as he saw my roses.

"Amazing! Onee-chan, do you take care of them, nya?" He exclaimed. I nodded and patted him on his head.

"I have, but it seems to me someone have been helping me." I told him, looking at the water droplets knowing that someone have been watering the flowers.

"Well you guys sure are doing a great job! The roses are beautiful!!" He added. Kneeling down once more, I plucked a rose petals off a yellow rose and stared into it's texture.

"Nyarth... I am going to teach you something today." I said to him. He tilted his head and made a "Hmm?" Noise. So cute... I began to speak.

"Nyarth.. did you know that there is a language of the roses?"

"They can talk, nya?!?!" He shouted, shocked. I giggled at my brother's clueless behavior. Just like me..

"Not exactly what I meant. Each color speaks a different story; they mean different things." I took him by the hand and gestured towards the yellow roses. "Yellow roses symbolize joy and friendship. Yellow roses in the victorian times meant jealousy. Today they are a sign of friendship, joy, gladness and freedom. They are used for wedding showers. If you had a childhood friend and you cherished the friendship, you would give them a yellow rose." I told him. He awed and nodded. Throughout each color of rose I stated, we visited them and took a look.

" Peach and Pale colored roses convey sociability and friendship. Peach roses are also portrayed as pink roses. You show appreciation or gratitude with pink roses. You could send light pink roses to say you understand, you're sympathetic or you're sorry if someone is ill. Orange and Coral roses imply desire. Black roses signify death hatred and farewell and they are used at funerals. Lavender or purple roses stand for grace, gentility, elegance and refinement. It is the rose of sweet thoughts, adds enchantment and indicates opulence or majesty. Lavender roses are also referred to as blue roses. White roses symbolize reverence and humility."

I stopped and smiled at the color that I approached. "But above of the colors, my dear little brother. You must remember what the red rose symbolize."

"Why, nya? Is the red rose the most special?" He questioned. I nodded.

"Hai. Well, to me it is."

He stood there with a cute thinking face on. He then snapped and Smiled widely.

"Because its the color of love!" He said with confidence.

"My brother is so smart! Yes, this is true. Red roses signify love and respect. Red roses are used for Lovers and stand for respect and courage; they mean love, unity, romantic and passionate love, .... Just love. Amaranth Red stands for long Standing Desire. Cardinal Red means sublime desire. Carmine Red symbolize Deceitful Desire. And Firey Red is Flames of Passion. The red rose is my favorite." I told him.

"Hmmmm... Onee-Chan, can I take a red rose with me? Pleaseee?" He blushed. I blinked. Is my little Nyarth in love? I smiled and plucked a single red rose off the bush, then I placed it in his nimble palms.

"Now listen to me, you give that to someone very special to you, understand?" I kneeled to his level. He nodded and smiled.

"I will, nya. I will!" He said squeezing his bunny tight. Afterwards, he sprinted off into the mansion. I only wished I had that much youthful energy. I sighed and looked over all the flowers. While doing this, all that I could think about it Lux. I remembered I gave him a rose for Valentine'a day. What I day that was for me.. I believe that when I shared my first kiss with him.... I still love him. Dearly.

I decided to mimick my brother and give the one I loved a rose. No, not just one rose. A rose of every color. A yellow and peach rose for our childhood friendship and the joy me made me feel. A pink rose my an apology for the hurt I caused him. Orange for my uncontrollable desire for him to all mine and only mine. That burning desire of giving him my all, and all of me. A black rose for our dead relationship that I wish to bring back to life. White for how pure my love is for him. And red... Red for my love all together. Red for the love I had for him after all these years. Red for undying, unconditional real love. I plucked all of these roses and intertwined the stems all together making a batch. The red rose was placed in the center of the multicolored masterpiece.

I left the greenhouse, went back inside the mansion, and went to his room. I was surprised to see that the door was open and he wasn't in the room. To be honest, I thought hw would never leave his room again, after his poor unfortunate break up with Miss Hoom. I walked into his room, being quick with my steps, placed the roses on the bed, and ran out, heart racing. Down the stairs I flew, and into the piano room I went. I didn't care if he didn't know who it came from, or what it meant.. as long as I knew and I believed in my love for him. Hopefully one faithful day, I will get the chance to heal the wound in his heart that was caused by Miss Hoom and I.