Estelle's NEW Character Profile

It's about the same. Just a few changes :)

Pokemon: Espeon

Name: Estelle ( Ess - Tell )

Age: 18

Birthdate: January 10th

Sign: Capricorn

Hair color: Lavender

Hair length: Down to her middle/lower back . Her hair is naturally WAVY .

Eye color: Orchid (Or Purple)

Skin tone: Peachy

Type of Pokemon: Psychic

Gender: Female

Height: 5'4

Weight: 110 lbs

Held item: Moon Necklace

Relationships: Currently torn between Tanner and Lux.

Attacks: Psybeam, confusion, Quick attack, Future Sight, Thunderbolt, Psychic Healing and other Psychic Attacks.

Personality: Estelle is a kind natured young lady. She tries not to have any conflicts with anyone. Her bubbly and gentle personality is what defines her as an Espeon. Violence is not really her thing, but if needed , she'll fight. Intelligent and Bold, Estelle works hard to keep her friends out of danger. Though when it comes down to crushes, she tend to get clumsy around them (She started to become a little clumsy since her feelings are flying everywhere.), always blush, and get cheery. She also have fun at whatever she does. She's playful, but at times she could be very serious. Have her moments when she wants to be alone. She tilted her head like a cat a lot.
Hometown: Eterna Forest ( That she knows of )

Likes: Sweets, ice cream, singing, books, berries, her friends, sunny days, training, milk, working hard for what she wants,playing the piano, teachig something new to someone.

Dislikes: Bounty hunters, seeing her friends hurt, Losing battles, sour
berries, oceans, rain , dark and scary nights

Fears: Oceans/ Drowing, Being captured, losing a friend, losing her brother
Nyarth, Thunder

Weaknesses: Bug pokemon, ghost pokemon, dark pokemon, yarn, Her Crushes, getting hurt emotionally, muscle sores...

Strengths: Fighting pokemon, Psychic pokemon, in her own habitat (( anywhere except for hot places ))

Full Outfit: Black, white and lavender/Violet Lolita dress with matching gloves, Ruffled white socks , black school heels, chocker moon necklace, and hair bows.

Looks: Red jewel on her forehead. Tail with two ends.

Background: Estelle lost her memory from falling on her head in a crucial
battle with Lux and Bounty Hunters when she was 5. Waking up with no memory, Young Estelle roamed the area looking for nothing and seeking no one that should of been there. Being alone for some time had her think more and become more stronger.
On thunder storm nights, she would cry herself to sleep. She would often run away from vicious humans called bounty hunters who would only hurt her. In a cave, which she called home, she had books, magazines, and sowing utensils that she have stolen from the main town. Books and designing was what kept her busy.

She then meet Young Lupe, beaten and covered in blood, crying. Estelle took Lupe, cleaning her up, and claimed her as family. Along came young Faye, seeking a home, and Estelle took her in as well. Together they played and Estelle evolved from a Eevee into an Espeon. As soon as more gijinka appeared, Lupe, Estelle and Faye started the Poke Gijinka Club to keep the gijinka away from harm.

She Also Had a whole childhood with Lux which she knows little about. Hopefully in time she remembers...