More life updates

Hey guys! A quick post before I head to bed! (Yeah, it's 9:27pm here, I am going to bed early for once!)

My work has gotten a lot better!!! The shoe inserts REALLY help, and my feet don't hurt very much at all anymore. I find that the week FLIES by, actually. The weekend is over, and all of a sudden Monday flies by... then it's Thursday, and BAM! Friday's workday is over!!
I work at the service counter, meaning in addition to checking out groceries, I also sell the alcohol and tobacco, and the lottery tickets, and the lotto/power ball/mega million tickets, and also take bill payments! Lots of different things to keep me occupied. The day flies by. every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday morning I get a scanning gun and order more cartons of cigarettes to fill the shelves! I loathe cigarettes and the act of smoking them, but I find the act of ordering the cartons and putting them back on the shelves to be fun. It's probably because I like to organize.

I've been drawing revamped chibis of my fan Mews! I've gotten through Chiizu and Kabo so far, and am working on Nasu (who I'm trying to start calling Moulignane, the Italian word for eggplant.). All of my mews have gotten some kind of change, and I'm eager to show y'all how they came out!
Working on a realism portrait again, and also another picture of my mews, sitting at a coffee table. Working on those every so often.

I really like my apartment I'm in now, and we're starting to decorate and stuff! I bought some cool fall/halloween decorations to put up. :>
My paychecks at work are bigger now, which means I can afford to buy a couple more items for myself! It's nice <3

On Sunday I came down with something, I dunno what it is, but my throat is sore and swollen, and i have a bit of sinus congestion and sometimes my skin hurts. But today I felt a lot better, so I might be getting over it already! Ive been taking vitamin C tablets every day and going to bed an hour early :>

Today I finally made the world that will house my grand Pokemon-Skyrim story! I wrote the background/history section tonight and I'm really proud of how it came out! I am PUMPED to start writing. Here's to hoping I actually FINISH this story eventually. I got a couple people helping me this time, so it should be a little easier than writing alone. :DD

that'll be all for tonight!
Eneko out!!


Remind me next time to show y'all cosplay pictures, as well as a few random pictures of things around my apartment. OH. Also remind me to show you the portrait of Jake the Dog I painted last month!! (It's hella cute)