Taken from my darling CCC!

1. Are you as tired of this meme as I am?
Nope!! It looks like it has interesting questions. I'm all in.

2. If you could fly on a taco to the moon, what flavor taco shell would it be and why?
I'll pick a chalupa shell!!! Those are thick and flaky and crunchy! I mean what more could you want

3. Did you like my previous question?
I've never been asked that before. It was interesting.

4. Did you laugh at #2?
not funny though

5. What is your Quest?
I wanna get money and food but without working for it. I'm mega-lazy.

6. If you could be any flavor milkshake, what flavor would you be?
I'll do this based on my personality! I would probably end up being a raspberry milkshake? Is that possible? I've never had one of those though?
It's sweet, but also tangy! And I love raspberries!

7. Do you know some of the differences between British English (to include Canadian English) and American English?
DO I. I think the Brits spell their words pretty. Adding in that extra U. I like how it looks.
Actually I love anything British probably
except for the rain. it rains SO FREAKING MUCH THERE

8. Do you care about the differences between the different dialects of English?
I do! I think it's really cool how many different accents and dialects there are in the US alone, for example. I wish I had a different accent. I live in Louisiana so I have a slight southern accent. But not like COUNTRY sounding. Although I do say "y'all" all the time.

9. Are you wondering why I asked #7 and #8?
Nope. I'm enjoying the interesting and varietous questions! I don't know why you're interested in what I think. It's good. You don't need to worry!

10. Why is your least favorite flavor of ice cream your least favorite flavor of ice cream?
I actually agree with CCC, vanilla has always struck me as a boring flavor. It's like... the base of ice cream. You know, like original flavored yogurt? It's like, add something. It needs something. It's boring. Vanilla does taste kinda good though. I just always add things to it when I eat it.
Favorite? I'd go with any ice cream that has chocolate chip cookie dough OR brownie chunks in it. I've eaten an ice cream that had both cookie dough bits and brownie bits in it. It was heavenly. I think it was from Ben and Jerry's.

11. Did you find my questions funny or annoying (or both)?
Hahhaha. You needa stop asking things like that XD

Extra questions

1. So, do you have a good evil laugh?
Oh, I giggle very manically. It's terrifying.

2. How about them butts?
BUTTS. They are great things of nature. I wish I had one. It's microscopic ):

3. What type of shoes do you like the best?
I love Converse! I have these double-layered red/green/yellow high tops (which I call my Pot Shoes because of the colors) and they're SO COMFORTABLE. <3

4. Do you moisturize regularly with lotion?
Nope. I should, though. I have really dry skin. But lotion is annoying, and so greasy feeling D:

5. If so, is that lotion scented?
It wouldn't be scented if I did. I'm not one for girly scents. I wonder if there's bacon-scented lotion???

6. Do you think old people (despite sometimes being nutty) are cute?
YES OH MAN. Especially when it's an old couple and they hold hands or whatever I LIKE DIE INSIDE IT'S SO CUTE.

7. Can you sleep without a night light?
I need my room to be super-extra dark when I sleep! I can't get to sleep unless it's really dark!

8. Why you want to leave me?
It's not you. It's me. I'm sorry.

9. Excuse me, can I talk to you for a minute?
Yeah!! What's up? *and then she forgets to listen to whatever you were going to say and gets distracted by her Wii*

10. Can I have yo number?
8D You wanna trade numbers??? Because for real, that'd be cool with me!!!
If you were just saying that to quote the Youtube video...