Laptop's back... sorta. And new apartment!!!

Well, my laptop came back to me last Tuesday!! Only thing is, my grandpaw has the charger and battery. I had given him my laptop so that HE could send it off (and consequently pay for the shipping too), and he still has the battery and charger. So I have to wait for him to bring them up to Baton Rouge for me.

According to the repair summary sheet I got with my laptop, the Lenovo people completely replaced the hard drive. SO, that definitely means that I lost all of my information, files, songs, movies, saved texts, art files...... *cries quietly*
However, I know that it's completely fixed, because it's a new hard drive. If they just repaired my old hard drive, there could still be a chance that it breaks like that again. So I guess that's the silver lining.
My grandpaw said that he'd buy me an external hard drive so that I can save all my art and important stuff to that! So in case something like this happens again, I'll be able to keep my stuff.

At least I have BASICALLY all of my art I've ever drawn, uploaded and recorded on this site, Tumblr, and/or DeviantArt. Sure, I don't have the SAI files with all the layer information, but will I really go back to old artworks and work on them some more? Probably not.
The only things I regret are all of my saved texts with my friends (I save the more meaningful conversations that I don't want to ever forget to my computer), and I have that lineart of Ty, my Typhlosion gijinka that I STILL haven't colored... probably a couple more unfinished linearts I lost. So I'm really sad about that.
But I think now, when I make a new drawing or whatever, I'll email myself the file, so that I'll always have that file saved in an email. You can't lose emails as easy as losing things on your hard drive. Unless the email gets deleted; in which case I'm screwed :1 But hopefully it'll be a little safer :3

On to a more exciting topic...... I'm moving into my own apartment with my best friend, Becca!!! I know that two years ago, my dad rented an apartment out for me and my GPA severely suffered, but after spending a year at home, bringing up my grades, I think I've learned my lesson! I think I can be trusted to live apart from my mother and still get to classes and make good grades. :D
The apartment we're staying in is only a couple miles from LSU (it's not on the bus route but I've been driving to school the whole year anyway). They have a saltwater pool (I hate chlorine) and a huge grassy front area for picnics, barbecues, dogs, etc, and the apartment itself is really spacious and it even has granite counter tops!

Becca, two of our other friends, and I are renting out a 3-bedroom 2 bathroom one. It's only $995 a month! For the whole apartment! Which means each bedroom is about $331 per month. Becca and I will be sharing a room, which means each of our rent will be $165 per month. FOR THIS HUGE APARTMENT. Dude. I'm stoked!!! It's so cheap!!

Becca's older brother lived here for about 3 years and he said the management and apartments themselves were great to live with. He never had any problems.

I got a new job at a small grocery store right next to my neighborhood, Matherne's. I get paid $8 an hour and the work is pretty easy! Everyone who works here are young college kids who go to LSU with me, and everyone's basically really good friends. It's fun to work with them! The customers are mostly older people, and they're always really sweet. My feet sometimes really hurt from standing in the same spot for 7+ hours, but I'm getting used to it. The time flies, really!

I've already gotten my first paycheck and I got a freaking $246 for just working about two weekends' worth. My boss said he will give me 28 hours a week once I'm out of training, so I'll be making around $800 a month, or at least Becca says. I didn't feel like doing the math to figure it out XD
But I'll be able to afford my new apartment and then extra!

Also, I preordered both Pokemon X and Y for when they come out in October!!!!! My birthday is October 22, so I definitely will be getting some great birthday presents. The new Pokemon look so great! I love Gogoat (I thought it said Gogurt at first haha) and the Japanese robin!! I've seen rumored-to-be-legit evolutions of the starters, Farfetch'd, and Absol, too. They all look amazing. I am so excited for the 6th generation of Pokemon. I'm so glad it's still going strong, too! It's been around for so long and it's still great!!! I think the genwunners really need to be accepting of the new Pokemon. They're really just the same as the original 150. I don't get why people hate the new ones. *shrugs*

I'm SO starting with Froakie. It's adorable. Chespin is so cute too, but I always start with water types. Fennekin looks strange to me. I don't like it (Also I don't really like many fire-types to begin with).

I haven't worked on my painting of Nyarth ever since I did his face... I really need to finish it. I'm hoping to get my laptop back soon so I can just use that. I hate sharing my sister's laptop...

It's about time for him to regenerate; Matt Smith's been here for about 3 years. But even so, I will really miss him. I'm going to cry. I loved Eleven. I think it's a tie between Eleven and Nine for my favorite Doctor. ):
I'm excited about the 50th anniversary though!!!!! I can't wait!!!

I think that's all for now, so bye guys!

Eneko out!