Well then -

UGH. So I finished using my laptop last night before I went to bed, and then when I woke up this morning, I tried turning my laptop on.


It's corrupt or something. You see the Lenovo start-up screen, and then it has "starting windows" with the red/blue/yellow/green square thing. and then the screen goes completely black, and then it returns to the Lenovo start-up screen (like it just restarted). WTF I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING. Safe Mode doesn't even work. It won't go into Safe Mode...

My grandpaw and my friend Marcos who knows everything are helping me. We're trying a lotta different stuff to see what the problem might be. I hope I fix it myself... I don't want to have to bring it to the manufacturer to fix, cus I don't have money for that...

Speaking about the triple date, one of the guys fell down some stairs and broke his ankle, so he had to get like 7 screws in it, and then a week later he got a staph infection in that foot...... so we ended up postponing the triple date till sometime this summer. So there's that. XD

I tried some digital painting recently, too!! Started with simple things. I painted a sphere first, and a day later I painted a cone. There's a HUGE difference between the two pictures! I got SO MUCH better within ONE day. It was great. As soon as I have my laptop fixed, I'll put those images up in my Doodle world!!

I've decided I'm definitely going to start pushing myself away from anime and cell-shading and right into digital painting, and most importantly, realism. There's not much work available for anime-artists. So I'm moving into realism, which will definitely get me places. It looks better, too. :b

I'll also put my recent joke picture of Nyarth in his bubblewrap-and-pillow armor up on my Doodle world, too. And I just remembered that I haven't put up any of my various GIFs I've made, either. I'll do that when my laptop is fixed!!

Hm... what else...

Finals are this week! I have Chemistry on Wednesday and Psychology on Friday.

It's taken me since November but I finally got one!! It's at the little Matherne's supermarket right outside my neighborhood. I could bike to it if I wanted, it's so close. I don't know what wage I'll start at, and how much I'll be scheduled, but it's a job. One cashier said she started at $8 an hour, so I'm hoping for at least THAT much.

I hope to work a lot this summer so that I can save enough money to move out of my mom's house! She's really overbearing and controlling. I have to get out. My best friend Becca and I are looking at apartments and condos already :>

Also!! Becca and I have been working on our shared Minecraft xbox world! We've made this huge "grand central station" with rails leading to different things we've bulit. Like a huge Mario-themed rollercoaster, and a portal to the Nether Fortress (we're going to build a Nether city around it, too hehe) and a city in the sky (it's on floating islands high in the air) and to a huge underwater city too!! We're also working on a HUGE BOWSER CASTLE SURROUNDED BY LAVA. And later we're going to make a huge underground cavern with a city. Complete with mole-people. XD

I might take pictures and show y'all. Everything looks so cool!!

Eneko out!